There happened to be a place called Yonghe Gong Lama Temple in Beijing, you may have heard of it. Yonghe Gong Temple is a Tibetan Buddhism temple. In Tibet, the most common thing you would see are pilgrims. Pilgrimage or known as “walking the kora” by Tibetans refers to a religious practice done either by walking(running) or continuous prostrating around holy mountains,sacred rivers and Buddhist sites (like a temple). Tibetans are deeply convinced that by doing pilgrimage all the sins can be washed away; physical pains can be cured; wishes and blessings can be answered and granted by the Buddha. The pilgrimage can only be conducted when the practitioners are completely devoid of his or her selfishness and willing to pray for all living things.


As we know, there`s war going on somewhere in the world, let`s do some kora runs around this Tibetan temple praying for world peace or washing away a little bit of the sins we`ve done when we’re drunk. Well, not sure how Buddha thinks about hash, but one thing for sure is BJ H3 will definitely answer your wish (selfishness) of having more beer for all the hashers.


Why Pisces? It`s Pisces month!


Hash cash:

30 rmb for beer stops and circle

Dinner will be split bill Beijing charcoal Barbecue.

Your Hares:
Shitposter_69, Singaporn Star, and Joy Ride Her

Trail is A-B without bag drop, it`s warm now, no need to bring heavy coat, and wear your running shoes when you leave home, or make friends with walkers, ask them to carry bags for you.


Trail is dog friendly.


Mar 13th, Sunday

1:30pm meet up 2:00pm start



Meet up spot:

Yonghe Gong Lama Temple subway station Exit G

Upcoming Hareline:

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