So you have never heard of the Florida run? Of course you have, the Floridians never shut up about it.

Last year we went 500 rmb over budget and we plan on beating that number this year. Why? Because we have 8 hares. Mismanagement tried to veto the idea but we ate their faces right off.

April 3rd will go down in history as the drunkest circle, the worst trail, and we might actually kill the hares.

Join Gobblin’ King, Hot Girl Farts, All Asshole No Sack,  Table 1 , Bangasaurus Sex, Steaming Pile of Shit (in spirit), Blumpkin Spiced Latte (if we are lucky) and Sneaky Sausage (no rebuttals) in a competition to crown the next Florida Man.

So, How do I become a Florida Man?

Wrestle an alligator, steal an ambulance, attack your nephew for eating uncooked noodles, get a tattoo of a spider on your face, stuff a lobster down your pants, kick a duck, marry an inanimate object, just be yourself. You got this.

Hash Cash:

30 rmb (run, beer, circle)

105 rmb (run, beer, circle, dinner)


A-A with bag drop available. Not dog friendly.

Walking trail- 5k / Running Trail- 12k


Sunday, April 3

1:30pm meetup, 2:00pm start

*NOTE Subway is 1.6km from restaurant. Please be on time and plan accordingly*

Meetup and D’erections:

Majia Courtyard Tieguodun Northeastern Chinese Food (Bajiao Branch)

Take line 1 to Bajiao Amusement Park station- Exit A. Walk west 600m until you cross over the overpass. Take stairs down to West side of street. Walk 950m north. Restaurant will be on your left.


On After:

NBeer Pub Wukesong

From Wukesong subway station, take the “Live Hi-Up!” Exit B1, turn left upon entering the outdoor plaza, and walk 50 meters north)

海淀区复兴路69号院华熙LIVE HI-UP (宜家订货中心斜对面)B1-132

**Please note: This is an adult only event in which there will be drinking, profanity, and explicit content. Please do not bring anyone under the legal drinking age unless otherwise approved by Mismanagement. Be prepared to show a green Health Code and always carry a mask on trail. 

Upcoming Harelines:

Saturday, 9 April #2051:        Bogan Banus, Just Stephen N, Snake Cunter

Sunday, 17 April #2052:      Cheezy Balls, Juicy Bla Bla, Just Michael Z

Saturday, 23 April #2053:      Chip n Dale, Singaporn Star, Hello Pussy

Saturday, 30 April #2054:      Show Us Your Schnitzel, Shtupwaffel, Slim Shady

Sunday, 8 May #2055:           Super Squirter, Pukelid’s Taxivomitry, Just Ed