Rock n’ Roll High School! Strap on your strap ons and turn your beer up to 11! It’s gonna’ be a rockin’ hash through the underbelly of BJ’s finest BJ givim’ spas, shady cover businesses, and unkempt compound gardens in the one, the only, Dong Zhi Men! Your hares Chewancca, Super Squirter, and Just Lee welcome you on their 2022 Reunion Tour around the 2nd Ring Road. Hiring road head givin’ roadies now! Open wide as Super Squirter erupts into unsuspecting mouths, Chewancca reaches around to yank you on and off the stage, and Just Lee wails all night à la Bruce Lee! We. Will. We. Will….. WANK YOU!

Hash cash:

30rmb for beer stops and circle.

60 RMB for dinner

Your Hares:

Chewancca, Super Squirter, Just Lee

Dress Code:

Torn blue jeans and a long haired wig


Trail is A-A with bag drop at restaurant

Trail is dog friendly. Kids welcome!


Jan.8th, 2022, Saturday


1:30 P.M. meetup, 2:00 P.M. start


Our hash bar, Paddy O’Shea’s of course. Followed by our on-after-the-on-after at QS for the real legends.



D’erections to meet up spot:

Dong Zhi Men Exit A. Go toward the roundabout and take a right, going west along the main street. Take your first right (it will be an alley). After doing so, you should see building #1 on your left. Keep going until you get to building #11 (also on the left). The restaurant is“川渝人家(东直门店)”



Upcoming Hareline:

January 16th (Sunday) Run #2039 – Cums 4 seconds / Not Tonight

January 22nd (Saturday) Run #2040 – Blumpkin Spice Latte / Twincest

January 31st (Monday) Run #2041 – John the Baptist / Bogan Banus / Banana Shoes

February 5th (Saturday) Run #2042 – Pukelid’s Taxivomitry / Juicy Bla Bla / Don’t have Sex with Me

February 12th (Saturday) Run #2043 – The Italian Blob / Just George / …

February 20th (Sunday) Run #2044 – Red Snatcher / Just Yanan / (Banana Shoes)