Get your old-fashioned shoes and your very conservative Hash wear for our Amish themed run. Our one and only ChurnMeOn will be leaving us to go back to her people: The Amish. I hope you are ready for this conventional, unworldly, and slightly emotional run.

Let’s explore the ‘rural parts’ of Shuangjing on our very own feet. No cars, no E-Bikes, and no jet suits! We shall take in the scenery with our very own eyes and save those experiences in our heads rather than on our phones. No technology allowed guys ; ) 

Our lovely hares TwinCest, ChurnMeOn and Tinderella await you on this slightly religious journey. Plenty of water and plenty of ‘holy water’ shall be consumed during our prayer stops. Cum and party! Churn down for what!!!



Twincest, ChurnMeOn, Tinderella



Saturday 27th of July, meetup at 2:30pm. Run starts at 3pm.


Hash Cash:

Run or walk, beer stops and circle drinks 30 RMB

Run or walk, beer stops, circle drinks and Hash meal 80 RMB


Restaurant & Meet up:

Renmin Gongshe Dashitang


Unit 4, Baihuanjiayuanxiaoqu, No. 66, Guangqu Street



Shuangjing Metro Station Exit D