Nobody is going to read this anyways.

If you do actually read it, remember the code phrase for circle: “I’m Literate”.

To top off this triple hash weekend, we will be doing a fantastic(ly shitty) trail in honor of a very hashy queen.

Who is that queen? Well, it’s Queen Margarita, who invented the Margarita pizza when she put decided to drunkenly take off half the cheese and put tomatoes on top instead of pepperoni – A truly stupid and obviously hashy decision! What does this have to do with hash? There will be some PIZZA at the dinner! Even if its Margarita!

For the runners we have the following options:

The Who Tong Crawl

Leg 1 will take you through ancient hutongs and city landmarks of the modern age.

Couch to 5K – Week Minus 5

Join us for leg 2 to kick start your training program and prove that you can run, even if it just for a little bit. It’s a great chance to try a little bit of running.

Park (get a) Life 2022

Come for the third leg and experience frozen canals, sculptures and impressive wildlife living amongst the reeds beside a great lake.

Or mix and match for your own tailored Hashing experience. On On!

For walkers. Keep up. This isn’t going shopping. Bring a bag on trail for a special treat!

Hash cash:

30rmb for beer stops and circle.

60 for dinner

Your Hares:
Cums 4 Seconds, Not Tonight, Gobblin’ King


Trail is A-A with bag drop at the restaurant.

Trail is kid-friendly, but dogs won’t be able to get into the park and will need an alternate route.


January 16th, Sunday


1:30pm meet up 2:00pm start


Our hash bar, Paddy O’Shea’s of course. Followed by our on-after-the-on-after at QS for the real legends.

D’erections to meet up spot:
Jintailu Exit C walk 500m west and take a right after the first major intersection (Yanjingzhonglijie). The restaurant will be 200m on your left past the canal.





Upcoming Hareline:

Saturday, January 22- Blumpkin Spice Latte, Twincest, Loose Lips

January 31st (Monday) Run #2041 – John the Baptist / Bogan Banus / Banana Shoes

February 5th (Saturday) Run #2042 – Pukelid’s Taxivomitry / Juicy Bla Bla / Don’t have Sex with Me

February 12th (Saturday) Run #2043 – The Italian Blob / Just George / Just Lee

February 20th (Sunday) Run #2044 – Red Snatcher / Just Yanan

February 26th (Saturday) Run #2045 – Sneaky sausage /Goblin King /Spicy Penis

March 5th  (Saturday) Run #2046 – Steamy Pile of Shit / Drinks like a girl / Anal compulsion