It was a hot, balmy, mid-summer’s day in 1979.  The humid air filled with the stench of stale beer and sweaty ballsacks.

The Beijing Hash House Harriers’ first-ever shitty hare set out to lay the kennel’s first-ever shitty trail.  The hare’s name?   Ewor.

Starting out from the Australian Embassy (that’s right, where the illegitimates go to [unsuccessfully] try to figure out who their fathers are..).  Over the Liangma, under some barbed wire fences, through construction sites, hutongs, and dwindling rice paddocks.

An amazing trail of chalk and flour… which, just hours later, was [according to the hare’s statement] erased from existence by a quickly passing, but immensely flowing rainstorm.

On the run that day were 12 blessed hashers, who, with the lack of any credible markings, became the first-ever Beijing hashers to get lost on trail for hours.

Well, as we know (as we know), there’s only one fair treatment for shitty hares who get all the hashers lost on trail……  So, in a matter of moments (6.9 minutes, to be exact), the hashers had publicly pissed on, shot [bang bang], and tied the poor Ewor to a Sanlitun shithouse.  Leaving him there to fester and rot…

Fast-forward 45 years.  While the skeletal remains of Ewor have long since been washed away by decades of Sanlitun drunkards farting, puking, and pissing in the streets – the Hashers of Beijing find themselves nevertheless still cursed by shitty hares, shitty trails, and sweaty ballsacks (or, on some occasions, a combination of loose balls and all assholes with no sacks).

In case you don’t believe us, cum find out for yourself this Saturday – at the Beijing Hash House Harriers 45th Anniversary Run!

As a reward for enduring countless (ok, not really countless.. but somewhere between 1 and 2,156) shitty trails, and to offer some stimulation for you wanks to finally cum on time, the first 45 hashers to arrive at the meet up will be given a free BJH3 45th Anniversary headband!

And there’s more!  All hashers who have 25 runs or more under their belts will be awarded with the new BJH3 25-runs award – A nice and flashy Beijing Hash House Harriers bottle opener!

POST-CIRCLE EVENT:  As a final special offering for our 45th Anniversary Hash, all BJH3 hashers who attend the run that day will be given free entry into the 2nd ever BEER GAMES event!   Cuz we all know, there’s never enough BEEEEEEERRRRR

Note:  For more details on the Beer Games, see separate posting in BJH3 wechat groups:  THE BEER GAMES: SUMMER SOLSTICE

Hash cash:

30rmb for beer stops and circle.

No dinner.  Food will be available at the Beer Games event after circle (pay on your own).

Your Hares:

Singaporn Star

Five Dollar Footlong



Trail is A-A with bag drop at meet-up (same venue as the Beer Games).

Hairy Hashers

Trail is dog-friendly


6/22 Saturday 2:30pm meet-up 3:00pm start


The Beer Games, same location as meetup/circle.  Until 10:00pm.

On-after-the-on-after (after-party for the Beer Games) at Great Leap in Lidu.

D’erections to meet up spot:

Sihui Station, Exit A

四惠站, 出口A



Shuang 8 Design + Creative Park



Upcoming Hareline:

June 29th (Saturday) Run #2157 – Silent Suck-off, Leprecunt, Bloody Butt Precise

July 6th (Saturday) Run #2158 – Pukelid’s Taxivomitry, Pickle Boy, Five Dollar Footlong

July 13th (Saturday) Run #2159 – NecroFeelMeUp, All Asshole No Sack, Straight to Penis

July 21st (Sunday) Run #2160 – Cums4Seconds, Pickle Boy, Rest in Piss

On On