This place seems familiar…I’ve been here before. Or maybe I’ve seen it on TV. Was it was a dream? Not of Red Mansions for sure. Rather a lotus filled park. Is this Deja Vu? Oh yes, I remember! My seven buddies and I visited a while back to crash the party. It’s not Deja Vu, the famous strip club, but we sure did strip the place clean didn’t we. And then there was the Nash Hash in 2011, along with other visitations. And here we are on the flip side doing it again. But this time it’s not a glitch in the matrix. The cat is real and on the end of that chuanr stick.

Join visiting long-time-no-see hares for the Deja Vu Hash at The Old Summer Palace.


Kimchi Muncher, Hairy Crack, Psycho Analyst

Date and time:

Saturday, August 25th, 2018
Meet at 2:30 pm, Run starts at 3 pm


30 RMB for run and circle
80 including dinner


Wu Lin Feng Restaurant
208 Yiheyuan Lu
Restaurant phone: (010) 6250 – 1599


Subway Line 4, Xiyuan, Exit C1. The restaurant is literally right next to the Subway exit. Just exit and turn right, and BAM in your face.