It’s that time of year again. The time when we can relax, kick back, daydream and allow ourselves to fantasise. Nobody cares about work in the holiday season; that will come back like a bad dream anyway, whether we like it or not.

Actually, we can go beyond that; for any of us who have quietly wanted to be shriekingly obvious this is the weekend when we can make our dreams come to life; hiding in plain sight, dressed to attract attention and for once proud of it.

Yes, this is the Red Dress Run weekend, so come on and be unreasonably prominent!

Attendance is mandatory; predominantly red clothing is mandatory, and – although not compulsory – to be wearing a dress would be thoughtful. Obviously no accusations for those not falling in line…

Whilst also not de rigeur there will be a special prize for anyone idiotic enough to attempt the event in stiletto heels.

Further, and as is the tradition, we’ll be looking for ways to raise a good contribution for a charity; 

Red Dress Raffle for A Good Cause

To whom:

One of our beloved departed hasher – Chewancca’ mom to cure her cancer

Raffle Prize:

·    A photography session from world famous Little Red Shitting Hood

·    A basket of indulgence from Socratease with a British taste

·    An oral hygiene session at the practice of our dentohasher, Drill Me

·    A portrait, painted of the lucky winner, by Pukelid Van Taxivomitry

·    A Free Away Hash  spot from  Boxer GMs Shitposter69 and Pukelid Taxivomitry

Raffle Price:

·     1 ticket –  100rmb

·     2 tickets – 180rmb

·     3 tickets – 250rmb

·     7 tickets – 500rmb

·     10 tickets – 600rmb

How to participate in raffle:

On RDR day –

Pay to hash cash, and you will get tickets accordingly by how much you donate

Raffle will be held in circle, lucky draw by hares & boxer gm

On any day from today to next Tuesday (Aug.16th) –

Transfer any amount of money to hash cash, no raffle but you show a big heart for our hash family

Your Hares: 

Sneaky Sausage, Show us your schnitzel, Little Red Shittinghood, and Socratease


Saturday 13 August, assemble at 14:30 and start running at 15:00


excellent Sichuan restaurant in the vicinity of Apple community.

If you use didi,  go to : 北京国家广告产业园区B座, The restaurant is right next to it.


it’s an A-to-A hash, and is NOT nonhuman friendly.

Hash cash:

30rmb run alone,

Dinner 75rmb

Restaurant; here with a bag drop and as the focus of an A to A run;

Address: 川味小馆(西大望路店)西大望路甲12号


D’erections;Take subway line 1. Go to Dawang Lu, and leave by exit B. Turn to your right – that is, your right – and walk to the enormous intersection of two of Beijing’s roads. Turn right, and follow your nose going to the south. Cross another excellent example of road design, no traffic jams at all, and cross the river (Tonghui he) then turn first right. Walk until you have to make a decision, turn right and enter the Beijing Advertising nexus. Your destination is at the end of the area then in front of you.

There will be resto-this-way marks, and for the hard of understanding there will be a pin on the day.


There’s only modest risk; Dawanglu station isn’t actually closed, and you can easily escape to the surface then walk or bike to the meet-up point, but take care crossing the main roads. Chinese drivers…..

As usual, this is an adult activity in which we behave like children so expect to see nonsense, licentiousness, a modest level of drunkenness and considerable rude behaviour going on. Don’t be offended; we’re always like that. You can of course take part, but be polite, don’t be purposefully rude and remember that if you’re running there’s no winner. Oh, and you’ll need to bring a green jiankangbao with a sufficiently-recent hesuan or we’ll be all huffy.