Get your pinky fingers ready – no, not for that you dirty bastard – but for the fanciest hash of the spring!

While searching for marks…
We’ll trail rivers worthy of the finest regattas,
Cum close to wildlife glorious enough to compete with an African safari,
Sip on great (Wall) wine and taste some yellow delights.
And If that’s not enough to tipple your fancy we’ve even got fossilised Giant’s genitalia that even Tormund would be impressed with!

(Bi)Curious? You should be!

Prepare for wine, Cheese(y Balls), fancy (Piss ‘n’) chips and if you point that pinky just right maybe even a little Twincest.


Piss ‘n’ Chips, Cheesy Balls, Twincest


Saturday 11th May 2019


Meet up starts from 2:30
Hash starts at 3PM


A to A

Hash Cash:

30RMB for the hash and circle
80RMB for hash, circle and dinner

Meet Up:

Restaurant: 胡记兴湘菜


Lines 2, 4 and 13: Xizhimen subway. Exit E1 (the line 13 exit) head through the capital mall doors and then North by the rail tracks and over the bridge. Or follow the hash marks. It’s ~9minute walk from the subway – you’ve been warned…
Didi or taxi: 胡记兴湘菜