Dear Boxer Hashers,

Thank you all for making the Boxer 100th a wonderful hash. We had a great run, great turn up and a cold, windy but delightful circle with many new and old-time boxer hashers. Thanks specially to all of you who came from far away.

For April’s 101 Boxer we have two daring hares willing to challenge the status quo, and though the Boxer Hash is by no means a democracy I thought you would like to hear from them. Here’s how they describe the upcoming Boxer Hash 101…

Some people say last months Boxer was the best ever – thoughts? With the ‘warmer’ temperatures and slight Spring breeze April’s 101st Boxer Hash will be a RUNNING Hash, none of this, ‘let’s hike up a mountain for 30 minutes and drop down the other side’ rubbish (we actually couldn’t find suitable mountains to run up so this wasn’t an option). No, this trail will combine the usual stuff we encounter on a Boxer like angry dogs, their owners, cows, their shit, graveyards, hopefully no corpses, open checks, lost Hashers, villages, their staring faces, and so on…but this time Hashers, the circle spot may just be the best part of the day. We encourage you to dress with a Disney theme in mind (this Hare hates dressing up too), but all will become clear towards the end of the run. Let’s hope for clear skies and ample amounts of cold beer. Oh yeah, the meal will be better than last month too, but that shouldn’t be too hard. Best Boxer Hash ever…pffff (this is all in jest TapAss). Come and see it by yourself!


HFA and TB

  • Date:
    Saturday, April 14th
  • Meet:
    Tim’s Texas BBQ (on Dongdaqiao Lu near the Silk Market) at 10AM for a 10:30AM departure! Arrive early and support your hash bar :)
  • Runsite:
    Ming Tombs Area
  • Hares:
    Hungary for Ass and Twinkle Balls
  • Cost:
  • Sign-up:
    Select a ticket at