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Now, as the year comes to a close, the Beijing Boxer Hash will reward all the faithful, diligent and pain-resistant Hashers with an extraordinary, fine and fun trail site!
Your dear Hares Banana  Hammock and Waiting for It will take you to the pleasant Great Wall  section of Zhuangdaokou and Huanghuacheng. Come to see an ancient walled village, chestnut orchards (that have welcomed us so often throughout the year), the unrenovated and, if you are fast and hardy enough, also steep renovated Great Wall with its unique towers and all the beautiful nature preparing for the cold winter. You can expect breathtaking views or, if the air is lousy, just breathtaking part without the view.

Not many places left so


You and your friends who like the outdoors and enjoy  a beer (or three) with good company to prepare for all the upcoming fetivus events. 
Short cut option is considered, as Hares will take care for the slow and tired runners or wankers (hikers)

Time Texas BBQ at No. 14 Dongdaqiao Road
Saturday, December 7, 9.45 AM arrival for a 10:00 AM (SHARP) departure.
Please arrive early so that we can all be back on time for the bash!

Hash Cash:
100 RMB (Reduced Boxer Cost – no dinner)