Dust off your top hat, pack your pipes and coif your coiffures because, ladies and gentlemen, we are bringing some class to the Boxer this month. Our GentleMen’s (GMs) run will see us take a delightful stroll through the botanical gardens, pause to smell the roses, amble along in the autumn gardens, and gasp for air at the stunning sight of APEC blue Fragrant Hills in Movember. On the GMs run, you can expect paths paved in stone and gold, hardly any shiggy (we’ve had quite enough of that recently, thank you!), time to engage your fellow hashers in some intellectual dialogue on state corruption and time travel, and – even a chance sighting of the Queen (God save her)!

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  • Runsite: XiangShan 香山 Fragrant Hills surrounds
  • Trail: Mild and amicable A to B trail, shorter trail for walkers
  • Hare: Your honorable, chivalrous, tireless GMs – Who’s Your DaDa and Pussy Nibble; and the king of all hash gentlemen, Urine Trouble as chief-incapacitated-runner-turned-wanker-with-the-map
  • Date: Saturday November 15, 2014
  • Meet: Tim’s Texas BBQ @ 10:00
  • Departure: 10:30 sharp – a true gentleman is never late!
  • Cost: 150 RMB – a bargain wot! This week’s delightful restaurant is just plain class; plus all the standard boxer delights including a carriage to and from the event, h’ordeuvres and beverages. (A gentleman should never lose his composure, even when he finally realizes how spoilt he is).
  • Signup: Right here!