Getaway from Beijing for an unforgettable roasty run as you may end up BBQing yourself in this scenic peach orchard area with hares CL and KMML. We will be exploring the wall and surrounding orchards at LuoYing, where no significant history was made at any time during any dynasty. Oddly enough, no local story has been invented to fill the void either. A truly unique area in Beijing!

Find out more in this zig zag real trail runs and experience the spectacular views from each of the tops.This month’s Boxer will also add a new & potentially exciting feature – the hares will actually follow a trail. Hare CL is insisting on incorporating some of her unique pack-slowing innovations. FRBs, be prepared!

If usual mid-July heat holds true to form, we may experience roasted hashers before the roast dinner. There will be a swimming hole for those hashers seeking a mid-run dip.

Any hasher not bringing their phone on trail will be walking home on their own. No exceptions! Even if your hash name indicates you are Lost already!

Please sign up early so we know how much food is needed at the BBQ! Signup deadline is midnight Thursday July 9 to ensure we have enough food arranged for the BBQ. Late signups may not get to eat.

WARNING!!! The trip is longer than usual so we will have an extra early departure.

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  • Runsite: Luoying, Pinggu county
  • Trail: Hares will offer a pre-marked walking trail as well as a live run long/short split; trail is 10-12 km incorporating the Wall and virtually no shiggy; trail is exposed at times, A to D trail (skipping B&C altogether).
  • Hares: Creamy Lips, Kiss My Maple Leaf
  • Date: Saturday July 11th
  • Meet: Tim’s Texas BBQ @ 08:00am for pre-boxer brunch, 14 Dongdaqiao Rd
  • Departure: 09:00am sharp (I’m not kidding this time!)
  • Cost: 150 RMB for scenic run, snacks, BBQ dinner, all the drinks you can consume & more laughter than you can handle!
  • Bring: Running shoes. Sunscreen. A cellphone. No children. Your sense of humour. Hangover. No tight schedules.