April 16th, 1943, a Swiss chemist, and likely hasher, accidentally consumes LSD-25. Unusual sensations, hallucinations, and general depravity ensue. April 16th, 2016, a bus full of hashers purposefully consume a high dose of ice cold Tsingtao on a bus out to the beautiful western hills. A gorgeous trail ensues, with century-old abandoned villages, spring flowers blooming, and lots of mind-altering blue skies and sunshine.


Melon Drama and Dry Hole


A-B. Lots of clean trail for runners, 12-14km with nothing too steep. Walkers have some short cuts, but expect a big trail, about 8-10km.


Saturday, April 16th, 2016


Meet at 10:00 a.m. Departure at 10:30 a.m. sharp! We mean it!

Hash Cash:

150 RMB will get you a boxer trail, snacks, circle, bottomless drinks, and a bash! Woohoo!

Meet up:

Lily’s American Diner, Sanlitun branch, 8 Xindong Lu. The Sanlitun restaurant is between the west side of North Sanlitun Village and the east side of Xindong Lu, located about 50 meters to the north of Jenny Lou’s. 三里屯店示地址:北京市朝阳区新东路8号院手开铂郡小区底商5号楼1-037号


Wangping, Mentougou.

What to bring:

It’s getting hot: consider a hat, sunscreen, sun glasses, etc. Carry plenty of water and an energy bar. Your cell phone. Running shoes.