“Hooray Hooray, Its finally May. Outdoor screwing starts today!” – Claus ‘Dr Evil’ Ji, circa 2003

This is a reminder to SIGN UP  for this weekend’s 79th Boxer Hash, Saturday 22nd May!

If there wasn’t another reason to come, we have a host of old friends returning and some FOYCs to celebrate too!

Date: Saturday, May 22nd , 2010

Meeting: BEFORE 11:30 @ Tim’s Texas Barbecue (Downtown) – come join us for brunch and pre-run beer! DO NOT go to Super Bar Street, since it has all been chai’d.

Departure: Bus departs at 11:30 *sharp* (really!!)

Venue: YunMengShan National Forest Park, Beijing, China, Asia

Hares: KMML and Stick Massage

Cost: 150 RMB (includes bus, beer and bash!! Money well spent!)

Along with the return of HAIRY CRACK, KEJIA and our illustrious former GM, BUNZILLA, we will also be graced with a parting visit from the one and only ARTSY FARTSY, So come on out to the YunMengShan National Forest Park area (north of Huairou). Our hares are the long suffering KMML who is going through a rough patch with his hares, and this months saviour, Stick Massage.


The hares have kindly provided an update to the trail this week!

You can expect:

  • An epic down down and bash spot not to miss!
  • On Food will be outside (with cold beer) so bring some warm clothes as it is sheltered somewhat and may get chilly later on.
  • A medium length trail for a Boxer Hash that has been described as, “Fun for all”
  • A pen is required – if nothing else, to write awesome down downs with!
  • The GM is totally awesome
  • Be on time to Tims as we wanna get there and back in good time!

I believe KMML is very much concerned about the health and safety of any other species attending this run, especially chihuahuas or ankle nippers with small hearts and lungs as they may well explode with the awesomeness of this trail. In other words, no dogs please! Its sure to be a lovely late Spring day so come on out on the 22nd May for the 79th Beijing Boxer Hash!

Sign up HERE by Wednesday May 19th .

Please be aware that we will now be ON BUS and leaving Tim’s Texas BBQ at 11:30am for the spring hashes from now on! We will not wait around for any of you lazy wankers who cant keep decent time! So I suggest if you want a Tim’s brunch/breakfast beforehand, turn up at least a half hour earlier. Lets continue 2010 and the Year of the Tiger with some anti tardiness!!

Having said that, if you sign up and then cannot make the run, please remember to contact us no matter how late it is because we’re the muppets who would be waiting for you!

Remember, we are a bunch of volunteers who love drinking and running and the Boxer hash is a non profit group. So when you sign up we take these numbers into account to make sure we break even!

Please sign up by Wednesday 19th May

Mismanagement would like to use EVITE as the preferred means for registering hashers for the Boxer Hash. There is an easy and quick registration. Please point your browser to:


However, if there are any problems, you may still register by using (sending an email to:) boxerhash@yahoo.com.

On On,