Around 10 AM, May, 17th. At Tim’s Texas bar, nearly 40 Hash physiolaters in high spirits head for Huailai county of Hebei province for a Boxer Hashing directed by Boxer GM, Bubba Spook, and there, Red Snatcher’s hometown as well. After taking about 2 hours on a limo bus to be there, on passing a village, 3 hares get on board, stunningly has Life Of Pee attuned a hoarse voice with the pinstripes of scratch on his legs, has 6KS assumed a bucked face and are the dust dotted with the shoes of RS, debusing next to where a granite quarry seats around a rolling mountain range. Well-prepared hashers with all the colours of the rainbow are bound to explore a journey of mealy wilderness. In the beginning, moving in an untapped hamlet and stumbling across the hares cutting through other trail, almost divesting of the trunks of LOP, eh?! How come are the hares here again?

However, sticking around an unpeopled houses layout in situ for a moment. Some young newcomers sock it to ferret out a floured sign a front; seasoned Dry Hole and veteran Kiss My Maple Leaf in different directions carve out a way through the bare orchard and obsolete crop fields; Horny On Top lugs the puppy to tag on to them; Filthy Habit with unique thundering calling for a mark heartens the hashers; May Not Come and Comes By Herself inch their way in rhyme; Lost In Marks and Spencer and Breakfast Included in tandem keep pace with chromatic running array; Benz Over and virgin young lady make eyes at each other more frequent than their footsteps; Pussy Nibble avails her pointy pearl earring of winkling a niggling thorn that transfixed one shoe sole of Sweet and Furry to bite her foot; Urine Trouble must be such avant garde adorning with 3 shining metal earrings on each ear; Fire In The Hole and Easy Rider have more corollaries for a way out in a bind; Teddy Secret bringing her teddy dog and Just Wendy(short) shaped a lady duo on the move; AutoBlow and Rabbit each is capable of judging a telltale sign from time to time; newcomers still dunno to shout out, “On On” as hitting a mark or “Checking” as others are asking.

Semi-opened area looks like being born without abundant resource. Where the hashers pass through, where the land reveals its infertility. By the way, can catch sight of a flock of sheeps and a hoggery, shortage of greenery for sure, a tract of grey soil with corn seedling in patches spreads out to faraway place. Unknowingly noticing that our limo bus and the hares linger about right ahead, with a detachment comparing to a vibe of clearing flatland, a salient huge word on the ground spelled out HOME by the flour. As such, can overlook a pool of lake in a distance where some gaint wind power poles murmur their ambition in solitude. As RS’s introduction, there is a record in the history of this village that only one international person ever visited over here and this time arrival of hashers would be significant to the villagers.

The circle rite is stationed right on the spot. The crackers, snacks, cold beer and soft drinks relieve fatigue of the hashers. The minutes later, a handful of walkers come back from a small trail managed by walking hare, RS, e.g. Crash Test Dummy and newcomers; Boxer GM, BS addresses a prologue; 3 men serve on BeerB**ch like Dreaming Semen, Bearded Clam and Pickle Boy; no doubt, the hares have to drink up in the circle for a gratitude from the cheers of all hashers a tap by a tap; to a proverb, BS of Boxer GM is leaving for elsewhere and recommendation from former GMs as well, new Boxer GMs come out for successor, who’re both Pussy Nibble and Who’s TarTar as a team nobly as all ladies’s power which seems to hint at a trend of the world, too; and a young chap as newcomer acquires his Hash name of behaving with his prominence, called Protein Shaker; the streaks of lightnings are knifing through in the sky and hunks of clouds are gathering black overhead and a heavy gale is blowing, along with a shower bucketing down. GMs have to declare all hashers to get on the bus to the restaurant. Shortly after, the hashers enter the restaurant and the lavish homely dishes take on being offered on 3 tables fully.

There are much more “accusation part” to be laid open indoors, i,e., On Your Knee seems to nap on the bus all the time and often shys away from the circle; and what not. LOP with his gruff voice gifts special hasher an electronic toy as usual; somewhat speeches tickle the fancy of all hashers, out of whom are BS, 6KS, BC, FH, DH and LOP, etc. At the drop of that the rain stops, GM, BS announces to go outside for holding a baptism towards the one with new Hash name, in merry weather, pouring over his body by jetting out the spouts of beers. Hash songs and hubbubs and laughers beat out the rumble of thunders and then move back for foods, meanwhile there is a painting as a present for BS’s farewell, many hashers place the words on it for a blessing. After the tasty meal, all hashers with the locals take a big group picture before the restaurant and then get on board to back to the downtown, all the way, Ferrari, Comes On Vacation and FH perform some Hash songs to perk up exhausted hashers. What a wonderful day! While reaching Tim’s Texas bar at 9 PM or so, some hashers continue to tope real Margarita until a small group shift to somewhere in a wee hours. It’s otherwise uber-social activity, though.