Halloween Party 08 2 A long time ago in a place not far away, a young enthusiastic runner arrived at the Boxer Hash full of piss and vinegar. The very smart Boxer Hash co-founder Cunt Runner knew immediately … sign this guy up to hare! And so it happened that Kiss My Maple Leaf came to hare the Wedding Hash for our other Boxer co-founder, Pays For Sex. Well 10 years on, those two have basically fucked off leaving the Boxer with nothing but the piss and vinegar. <sigh>

10 Years of KMML’s haring have included a few notable hashes: the flooded campsite hash; the hash where the bus was taken hostage; the 1.5 km loop trail hash; the ball buster trail at HuangHuaCheng for the Nash Hash; the ball buster trail for the post lube; camping on the Wall hash; the couldn’t find the trail up to the wall because of the torrential downpour so we didn’t camp on the wall hash; Beidaihe hang over hashes 1, 2 & 3; MiYun camping hash 1, 2 & 3; the hash that unleashed the hornet’s nest on the pack; Laid Comers broken ankle hash; cave camping hashes 1 & 2; the endless two temple run over 1000+ year old monk walk way; the Olympic hash; the pre-Olympic arrested hashers trail … he has hared a few memorable hashes over the years. Don’t ask him about any of these or you’ll never get away.

This month should prove a bit less exciting.

October’s Boxer Hash we will revisit KMML’s first haring trail in JiuDuHe. As usual you can expect fabulous views, poisonous unicorns, irate locals, screaming virgin hashers, occasional shiggy, rivers, lakes, oceans, thousand kilometre caverns, unpassable mountains, impenetrable forests, blazing sun and the odd unsolvable open check or two. Yes, hashers, all this in one afternoon!! 

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  • Runsite: JiuDuHe, HuaiRou
  • Trail: ~1000-1200 km (no separate markings, but trail is suitable for walkers)
  • Hare: KMML will attempt to solo hare!!
  • Date: Saturday October 18, 2014
  • Meet: Tim’s Texas BBQ @ 10:00
  • Departure: 10:30 sharpish
  • Cost: 150 RMB – transport to and from, trail, snacks, beer, soft drinks, water, food until you are full & all the laughter you can manage
  • Signup: Right here!