March 27 1886: The date of birth of German-American architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe.
That’s right, as everyone knows, the man widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the Modernist Movement in Architecture will be the ripe ol’ age of 127.
Let us celebrate the birth of the man that gave us The Barcelona Pavillion, The Farnsworth House, and a chair that has been in every single move since 1929 by running through the streets of Sanlitun.
It’ll be super-duper fun!

TBD. If you would like to hare, contact Prancing Queen
A to A live trail. Maybe some beer. Maybe some good times?

Wednesday, March 27th

Meet at 19:30, run starts at 20:00

Hash Cash:
Pay as you go

Paddy’s Irish Bar (The new one in Sanlitun) – where Hercules used to be