Title says it all, really.  Plan on an 8-10 kms. run and 5 kms. walk.  This is our chance to bid fond farewell (FOYW) to Bitch Be Cool (BBC).  The young lad is off to the University of Oregon, a “real running place” (Land of Steve Prefontaine, Hayward Field, Nike, and Rogue Beer).  He will join distinguished scholars and alum Pretty Woman, Snot, and Life of Pi.  Sorry, BBC, your deposit is already in and you bought your plane ticket. It’s too late to change your mind.

Volunteers will be “drafted” in advance or selected at the beginning of the run.  If you want to be drafted, email Life of Pi.

Live Trail.  A to A.
Wednesday August 21st 2013
Meet at 19.30.  Run starts at 20.30 (on time).  Circle to follow.  Then, late night snacks and dinner at our host bar “Grinders,” including Oregon hand-crafted beer (Rogue).
Grinders Bar.  Five-minute walk from Shuangjing Subway Station (Line 10).  Don’t ‘wanna be snarky, but figure it out and don’t call the GM at 20:29 for directions.

Hash Cash:
We divide up beer consumption (stops and circle) and any snacks/beer.