On a dark and stormy night, 36 full moons ago, a young and confused Chokes One Out was invited to Dongzhimen house by 6 Kuai Short for some “light running” that would be “super fun”. It was at this full moon hash that she was introduced to the wonders of hare chasing, beer drinking, and getting locked out of the apartment by Whose Red Weenie.

Many moons passed, and it seems the only thing that’s changed is the pickle recipe at the Russian restaurant down the street.

On this auspicious occasion of the return of Chokes One Out, who you all thought you’d gotten rid of, there will be a half moon hash to commemorate the golden olden days. Come, drink beer, and make accusations at Chokes for using words like “auspicious” far too often. You get an extra beer if you sing a hash song about lawyers.

There will be a DZM house party for the On After.

  • Hares:
    Old school rules, hares raised on the spot
  • Type:
    Live trail, old school catch-the-hare rules
  • When:
    Wednesday, 21 June 2017
  • Time:
    Meeting 7:30, run 8:00
  • Hash Cash:
    Run & circle 20 kuai, dinner A-A-zhi (bill shared between diners)
  • Meet up:
    White Nights Russian Restaurant 东羊管胡同8号楼2单元601室 Dongyangguan Hutong Building 8 Unit 2 Room 601
  • D’erections:
    东直门地铁站A口,Dongzhimen Subway stop Exit A, follow marks to start (turn around at exit, turn right and walk west on Dongzhimen neidajie).