What’s that you say? This month’s full moon has already been and gone? Pah, nonsense!

In much the same way as the ancient Greeks believed a woman’s womb would wander around her body, we at the Full Moon Hash are firm believers in the moon’s phases being determined by sheer force of will, rather than anything so mundane as a calendar.

So with that in mind, we belatedly invite you to take part in this month’s hastily put-together FMH! As ever, the details are a bit scant on the ground, but if you make your way over to Lingjing Hutong subway station exit C for 7:30pm (ish) on Wednesday (that’s tonight, right?) you’re sure to (probably) find some marks leading to the restaurant!


  • Hares:
    Old school rules, hares raised on the spot
  • Type:
    Live trail, old school catch-the-hare rules
  • When:
    Thursday, 16 August 2017
  • Time:
    Meeting 7:30, run 8:00
  • Hash Cash:
    Run & circle 20 kuai, dinner A-A-zhi (bill shared between diners)
  • Meet up:
    Restaurant: Xīdān yú kù sījiā cài (西单鱼库私家菜), Dongxie Jie
  • D’erections:
    4号线灵境胡同地铁站C口。往南走20米,在东斜街左转,饭馆儿是右边的第一个门口。Line 4 Lingjing Hutong Subway Station Exit C. Walk south for about 20 meters. Turn left into Dongxie Jie, restaurant is the first door on your right.