As the Full Moon Hash is now being properly mis-managed by an old skool full moon hasher, the FMH will return to one of our long-time favorite haunts, Xiao Zhang’s 24h Chuan’r Shack. We’ll kick it around Gongti and — fingers crossed — not get arrested like we used to in the old days, then chill street-side al fresco in the clear night air and enjoy some proper Chinese barbecue and cold beer.
Yeah, FMH. What more could you want for a Thursday night?


Chosen on the spot, old school rules


This Thursday, July 2nd


Meet at 19:30, run starts at 20:00

[FYI, current GM has no qualms about leaving late cummers behind]

Hash Cash:

Pay as we go

Meet up:

Xiao Zhang’s 24h Chuan’r Shack! No. 4 Wangjiayuan Hutong (near Xinzhong St)

东城区王家园胡同4号, 近新中街