As of the night, May 15th, 2014 to next few weeks, Solar System Marathon including Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Venus, Uranus and the moon follows courses close to the ecliptic. Correspondingly, 12 Hash moon adherents crank up a circular observance in an age-old hutongs and avenue of midtown under a full moon organized by Full Moon GMs, 6 Kuai Short and Bearded Clam. At the outset, 6KS singles out the hare by gyrating a flour bottle to point out when the hashers stand about a circle. Pickle Boy has the honor to be a hare for first sweep of road.

Wandering through the bear gardens and whisht lanes. In no time, the hashers pinpoint the first beer stop on busy roadside. Simple talking and quick drinking drives Lost In Marks and Spencer to sally forth in advance as second hare. 10 minutes later, all hashers start off to chase after. Along the streets and burrowing into snaky hutongs with hurrah from the locals once in a way. Just Wendy(tall) falls to walk alone behind all runners. 6KS responsibly stays at the rear to look after her to catch up with powdered trail. Before long, halting at the second beer stop at the end of alleyway. 6KS hands out the snack to hashers; Pussy Nibble and AutoBlow together first set off to mark the trail in the murky hutongs for a home run. And then the next, just going around and around countless alleys led by the spearheads like Dry Hole and Dreaming Semen.

Abruptly the two ladies hares meet the eyes of runners at a beer stop as third one, wow! Unwonted. Exhilarating instant for stopover, DS as fourth hare jumps off to paint the last part of trail. Who’s Red Wienie gets good eyes to spot a sign at Open Check to break the stagnation of gaining ground in the dark; Just Wendy(tall) seems to walk faster in the wake of runners; it’s amazed at that AB runs so quick to keep ahead of group, whereas missing many signs. Taking it easy to return to restaurant like clockwork. Crash Test Dummy comes along. A down-down circle proceeds in a fork of hutongs under Bell Tower for a short time. Hash songs and gaiety strike a chord with nocturne in which the locals serenade for panem et circenses. Dainty Yunan delicacies gratify the starving inner men of 11 hashers until midnight.