This month, the heavens are aligning to present a celestial spectacle the likes of which no hasher has ever seen before! A blue moon, supermoon and total lunar eclipse are coinciding to create what’s being dubbed a “super blue blood moon” tonight!

? ? ?

To celebrate this most unusual of astronomical events, the Full Moon Hash will be taking our ritual howling one step further – and actually transforming into a bountiful barrage of beasties for the night! (In onesie form at least)

? ? ?

That’s right, bring along your best animal onesies (if you have one – if not, anything animal-themed will do!) and join newly crowned FMH GM Asstonguer as she takes the helm for the very first time!

With any luck, we’ll have some winter warmers for the circle, but if all else fails we’ll be sure to compensate with copious amounts of Yanjing.

❄️ It’s cold guys please bring layers for the circle! ⛄️


Wednesday, 31st January


Meet at 7:30 pm. Hares off at 8 pm.

Dress code



六十八号涮肉 (No. 68 Shuan Rou)

Phone 13331102654


From Subway Line 2/5 Lama Temple Station Exit E, head straight (west) about 250 meters.