Winter Time: Meet at 1:30pm, run starts at 2:00pm!

Saturday Jan 1 Beijing HHH #2037:

Pukelid`s Taxivomitry, Clueless Cunt, Slim Shady

Saturday Jan 8 Beijing HHH #2038:

Super Squirter, Just Lee,Chewancca

Saturday Jan 15 BOXER HASH #203:

Gobblin`King, Sneaky Sausage, Show Us Your Schnitzel, Shitposter_69

Sunday Jan 16 Beijing HHH #2039:

Cums 4 seconds, Not tonight

Saturday Jan 22 Beijing HHH #2040:

Blumpkin Spice Latte, Twincest, Loose Lips

Monday Jan 31 Beijing HHH #2041:

John the Baptist, Bogan Banus, Banana Shoes

Saturday Feb 5 Beijing HHH #2042:

Pukelid`s Taxivomitry, Juicy Bla Bla, Don`t have Sex with Me

Saturday Feb 12 Beijing HHH #2043:

The Italian Blob, Just George

Saturday Feb 19 BOXER HASH #204:

Just Klaus,  Show Us Your Schnitzel, Shitposter_69

Sunday Feb 20 Beijing HHH #2044:

Red Snatcher, Just Yanan

Saturday Feb 26 Beijing HHH #2045:

Sneaky Sausage, Gobblin`King, Spicy Penis

Saturday Mar 5 Beijing HHH #2046:

Steamy Pile of Shit, Anal Compulsion, Drinks like a girl

Saturday Mar 12 Beijing HHH #2047:

Just Klaus, Shtupwaffle, Banana Shoes

Saturday Mar 19 BOXER HASH #205:

Hot Girl Farts, Shtupwaffle, Shitposter_69

Sunday Mar 20 Beijing HHH #2048:

Shitposter_69, Joy Ride her

Saturday Mar 26 Beijing HHH #2049:

Hot Cockolate, Super Squirter, Snake Cunter

Saturday Apr 3 Beijing HHH #2050:

Hot Girl Farts, Bangasaurus Sex, Gobblin`King