Before anyone asks, the hash doesn’t have a constitution so as usual they are no rules on the hash but if there were any rules then the RA is always right!

Any member of the hash may nominate another member to stand for a position on the mismanagement committee.  It would be advisable to ask the other person first although I have not done so below!  Frankly speaking, we need people to step forward and support their hash by standing for election to the mismanagement committee.

The Mismanagement Positions available with current nominations and suggestions are:

Grand Master/Mistress (GM) 
The ceremonial leader of the hash. This term is, in many hashes, given to the Hash Master/Mistress after his tenure. (one person or two co-GMs)

Spiking Viking and Dry Hole as co-GMs 
Nominated by Little Sai Wanker

2) Your nomination

Religious Advisers (RA): 
The one, the unique, the RA himself, is in charge of Circle, blessing the hash, namings and settling disputes over tradition. Also considered to be responsible for the weather.

Currently is Dazed and Confused, but he may be leaving Beijing early next year so will need to be replaced in due course.

1) Snot 
Nominated by D&C

2) Pretty Woman
Nominated by LSW

2) Your nomination

On Sec: 
Our trusty friend Teflon Dick prepares all the run sheets and keeps all the run statistics. TD – Nominated by Little Sai Wanker and Dazed and Confused  for re-election (if he is still happy to do this thankless task) …. Many thanks for all your hardwork despite the multiple run stats rebellions!

Hash Cash:
We need 2 people to be nominated for this role.  They need to collect the cash at the beginning of the runs and reconcile cash received at the end of the run to the run list.  A great way to get to know everyone!

1) Black Turd 
Nominated by Spiking Viking and Dazed & Confused

2) Your nomination

Hare Raiser:
He/she who ideally know a good proportion of the hashers to persuade / arm twist other hashers to set runs. BTW We only have one person on the hareline at the moment!  Is it the end of the hash?

1) Snot
Nominated by Dry Hole and Seconded by Little Sai Wanker

2) Pony
Nominated by Dazed and Confused.

A joint hare raiser perhaps?

The one in charge of making you look awesome in the Hash!
Currently is Dazed and Confused who may be willing to continue a little while longer. Dazed needs someone with Chinese language skills to help him and ideally another person to takeover the design work on the shirts.

1) Pork Scratching
Nominated by Little Sai Wanker

2) What’s up cock
Nominated by Dazed and Confused.

3) Your nomination

Web Wanker
The digital face of the hash and guilty of all cyber sex. On charge of our website, news letter and other media.
Currently is Dazed and Confused who may be willing to continue a little while longer. Dazed needs someone with Chinese language skills to help him and ideally another person to takeover the design work on the shirts.
We need someone with web/graphics skills to take over this position. Dazed will give an exclusive web management class to the happy one!

1) Cock Sorcerer
Nominated by Little Sai Wanker

2) Your nomination


Social Secretary
We need someone to step forward to help organize hash events and hash socials.  Any ideas?  The GM (co-GMs) will probably have his (their) hands full so a separate position would seem sensible.  
We need a gregarious party animal to fill this role?  

1) Placenta or Lil Sai Kick perhaps.
Although they are always missing hashes because their hangovers are so bad!

2) Pyles
Nominated by D&C

Hash scribe:
The real communicator, he or she who let other hashers know what they missed! Will be in touch with media coverage. If elected, will be featured in the next edition of City Weekend. No kidding!

1) Placenta
Nominated by D&C

2) Little side Kick
Nominated by D&C

If you want to nominate other people for these roles then let us know (unlike me please get their agreement first!). If I have inadvertently omitted any roles please email me.  If anyone does not wish to be nominated then that is fine, the hash understand that people may have other more important commitments.  All we do ask that if you accept a role please do so in good faith with the intent of fulfilling the role.


As you can see this year, Morehead and LSW acted as GM, hash cash and haberdasher salesman. This is not an exactly ideal situation and usually results in the delay to the run start.  The GMs can’t handle enquiries from lost hashers, sell haberdashery and collect money at the same time!

Much praise should also be heaped on Dazed and Confused for taking over as RA from our beloved Reverend Slackbladder whilst also acting as FullMoon H3 GM, Web Wanker and Haberdasher.  Not forgetting Snot, who hared and co-hared many runs many at late notice.  Spiking Viking and Dry Hole also deserve a mention for their efforts as step in GM or RA on a number of occasions.  Also much appreciated are all those who helped with arranging buses and train tickets and so on.