Welcome to the Beijing Hash House Harriers Photo Archive site. You’ve probably already figured out that besides being a drinking club with a running problem, we also do some pretty goofy things from time to time (and the time between the times seems to get shorter all the time if you know what I mean).

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So, if you want the world to see your HASH PHOTOS, simply upload them to some FREE photo website such as Windows LivePHOTOBUCKET or FLICKR, etc. and send us the link. Notice that in China you cannot upload to many Image hosting services since the sad blocking of several pages that offer this service. Hopefully the internet can be free again some day.

A couple of quick tips…

1. Edit your photos, take out repetitive shots. Make your show interesting.

2. Put your photos in albums and label them appropriately (name or number of the run).

3. Send us the LINK to beijing@hash.cn

On On
The Miss-management


OLD GALLERIES BY RUN (Courtesy of iPrick)

(Intro and old galleries list courtesy of iPrick)

UPDATE: We have created a PHOTOBUCKET album. If you have cool pictures to upload and you want to help us with our Hash Photo please send us an email and we will provide you with all the information to the service.