Tomorrow is July 4th, affecting (infecting?) some more than others. If you don’t know the significance of July 4, it’s sorta like October 1 or Bastille Day. So, if you wanna “Party Like it’s July 4” (I think Prince owns a song with the same title), get on over to The Irish Volunteer tonight for drinks and pizza.

Besides, Why celebrate a country’s 237 th birthday, when we can celebrate also Pretty Woman’s somethingth birthday??!!! PW informs today is his bday and he wants to do drinks at venue  substituting bars and stripes with bar and drinks!


Tonight, Wednesday, July 3, 7:30-8:00, whenever


The Irish Volunteer (where we held last Friday’s Full Moon Purple Acid Rain Hash), located directly across the street from the Lido Landmark Hotel on Jiangtai Lu. Tel. 6438 5581. You can check our website’s 1600 announcements for the link to the on-line map.


Any and all HHH and friends


Way good pizza (check with last Friday’s Full Mooners; some say BJ’s best

[agreed]), and way cheap drinks (including special HHH shots) and pours. The swell folks at The Irish Volunteer will honor the same drink list (“SHIT LIST”) they prepared for us last Friday. See attachment. If you see your name on it, and you didn’t come (shame on you) last Friday, you have one more chance to drink yourself. If you’re Italian- or Irish-American, all the major food groups are covered. If you’re one of those Mongolian Grasslanders, here’s your chance to carbo-load.

On On!

Life of Pi 

Extra HASH SOCIAL at the Slow Boat Brewery

 Happy 6th of July!

Come celebrate the THIRD day of American Independence at the Taproom. The first two days were mostly clean up, but the freedom party didn’t really start until July 6th. Right?

Starting at noon, this SATURDAY, we’ll have ALL YOU CAN DRINK for 200RMB til close. Not only that, we’ll be grilling burgers and brats OUTSIDE on our huge grill that may or may not have a Budweiser logo on it. THERE WILL BE GRILL MARKS. GRILL MARKS! We’ll also be dishing out homemade potato salad, baked beans, and APPLE and CHERRY PIE from Bread of Life. That’s right, your pie-eating will benefit charity this weekend.

Next Saturday we’ll celebrate the day the British came to get their last box of old DVDs and that old cricket jersey we used to sleep in. Huzzah!

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