A Galactic Circle(1)


A Galactic Circle
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

—-Martin Luther King.

Morning, January 18, 2014
9:30, 19 hashing adepts gathered at Beijing South Railway Station for group train ticket of round trip. One episode was that Dreaming Semen forgot his passport or a sheet of hard copy of his passport, which ended up he can’t make it; Pony flashed out his body whom has been not seen long time and left alone as the hashers were on board.

10:15, The train departed for Tianjian on schedule. Commodious car and new facilities comforted the hashers to snooze.

10:48, The train arrived in Tianjing. Beijing hashers drew upon 9rmb to exchange a plastic coin from auto-machine operated by CumShot for a subway ride to downtown for about 30 mins and talking and laughing made a spotlight for the hashers with snapping the pictures, and then walked 10 mins to reach the Jacky’s bar #1 where some Tianjin hashers had been there, 17 BJ hashers took a break for a bite and a drinking for 30 mins, more and more did TJ hashers get together to be around 20 hashing proficients, then, a limo bus transported all mettled hashers to the hashing situs for 20 mins. Master Baker gifted each hasher his dainty plum sliced bread.

13:30, zealous TJ GM Sperm Bank instructed the matters need attention by holding two bottles of chromatic liquid, blue for walkers and red for runners on frozen lake, as well as the flour and the chalk for the land, where a wilderness, a waft of chilly breeze on an expanse of withered reeds and stark spinney, tingled the hashers with excitement. Most BJ hashers plunged into galloping on iced lake along the colorful signage. Only one TJ hasher enjoyed a running fever pitch though. Perchance implied different tempo between two cities. The untrodden trail was switched on now the stanch ice now the rugged soil now the cemented pathlet, seemed to spread out to Arcadia. While followed the marks to a body of glaciated water for nothing sign anymore, got stranded for awhile, Co-GM Dazed and Confused insisted on an orientation to search with his aleatory judgement, “On on…” a close call; Shortly after, the runners had a confluence with the walkers whom were the majority of TJ hashers with the kids and ladies at a handful of detached bungalows, drank a tin of beer and moved on again. Sailed through the solid water with small timber bridges and couples of tiny holes on the surface for a fishing in winter. Voila, Just Wendy fell down on the ice one more time; Just Benny constantly reminded the hashers, “Look out…” Rubbit, Just Victoria, Camel Sexual led the way to the starting point with the help of TJ GM SB, our limo bus under sporadical elevated railroads overhead and right on the spot for a ritual circle. TJ GM SB, RA, BJ GM Life Of Pee topped GM fancy mitre, BJ Co-GM DC in turn compered the anecdote of hashers; TJ hasher Flour Puff and BJ Pickle Boy as co-BeerB**ch poured the drink for hashers; in a climax, exalted Elephant Ass came out to take the floor and MB stepped in to fill the wine for this great hasher at a 80 birthday, a red-letter day, all circled hashers were down on one knee to belt out a Hash benedictory song for this sainted soul; The epilogue was that the hashers headed to Jacky’s bar #2 for a sumptuous supper. Just Alice exposed her maudlin for her personal things even though she played out in TJ on her own; the hashers en masse were intoxicated in a sweet ambience communicated each other. A voice burst out of BJ GM, “It’s time to catch the bus and the train…”

22:00 or so, 17 BJ hashers nipped on ahead at the TJ Railway Station. Adroit Undulator advised the hashers on changing the ticket at 22:27 to the one at 22:06 for earlier home; Just Mike seemed to be exhausted in drinking and running and then stayed in TJ with local friend; Nut Pirate was interested in reading; Fire In The Hole was in a habit of shrieking out for her exaltation; Benz Over loved to be quiet and smile along the way.

Almost 23:00, BJ hashers hit the grit of BJ. A small part was bound to Paddy.

The time is etching something you shake a stick at.

Let’s rock more…

According to Hash’s winter time, more than 30 hashers converged on Paddy on the nose in the afternoon of next day. GM Life Of Pee briefed the activity; RA Comes On Vacation prayed for the peace of hashers; the walking hare MargariC**t and the running hare Pickle Boy both interpreted a mark system chalked on the ground towards a small bunch of newcomers of damsels, meanwhile, being concerned about another missed running hare Waiting For It who supposedly suffered from a problem of her one eye, wish she can be on her feet soon; A shouted slogan, “Open Check.” The most went to look into a marked trail. First On On call was from the hutongs. As a matter of fact, if a running hare looked after many runners, it’s a little tough, either for the forward or for the backward, don’t let the hasher go astray. Exceptionally the rear of lineup of runners must be placed a mark for a right way at Open Check, Two Ways and Three Ways so it can aid the laggard and latecomer to play through. Scrupulous LOP stood out to be co-running hare of his own free will to take care of the backward; direction-sense-free PB still lost the way, luckily, the running area belonged to a familiar zone for most runners. When the runners puzzled over the markless street, PB identified the first beer stop ahead no far. The walkers had started to quaff there as well. Knob In Hood helped to be mum; The locals are not accustomed to drink cold beer so they were not willing to put the beer into the fridge in winter and the beer price had been inflated.

The runners raced forward so quickly, such as Placenta, Lost In Marks and Spencer, Just Chris, Benz Over, Six Kuai Short, Dreaming Semen, Transylvestite, Red Snatcher and so on. But obviously, some marks on the avenue were covered up by the vehicles or somewhat stuffs intentionally and unintentionally, maybe some guys wanna join Hash for a fun in this way. The hare knew where they put the marks downright. After passed through the streets and the alleys, the runners entered an open poky garden, there was a solitary kiosk with local language for short meditation. Fire In The Hole went on screaming out for a high spirit; Nut Pirate learned it, too; Before long, the runners met up the walkers again at the second beer stop on the roadside. Noticed that the hands of Just Andrew was much more beautiful than his rocker jeans; Carried on combing the signs to rush down the bank of a riverlet and crossed a bridge to a ring road through an embassy lanes. Yikes. There were a number of hashers disappeared already. Perhaps the trail set down was a bit long for hashers. Merely a few runners were there in sight, such as Dry Hole, Never Comes, COV, and Just Victoria, for the most part, the runners recognized well-informed zone and run what they want to home on alternative routes, even with no mark or called it as a shortcut.

The down-down circle was sited in front of Paddy. Ferrari edged into the hashers’s community; As always, GM LOP in glittering GM crown and RA COV presided at the performance of hashers; The repertoire happened like before piece by piece. Twinkle Balls turned up out of nowhere as latecomer; to speak of bright spot, one of virgins was a young lady from America who exemplified a fresh approach to drink by bending down her back and her knees nearly held onto an angle of 90 degrees and a cup of drinking was put on the top of her arched belly and the hare MC lipped this cup to sip; co-hare PB throbbed at this highlight to pour three cups of drinking together toward this gongfu lady by kneeing down under her feet to look upward her swipe with shaking his body and brandishing his fingers for encouraging her to knock back; the bravo and laughters from the hashers blasted into the air; DH stuck out from a function of SongMaster with his strong suit that spiced up the comic relief; the hamster wiskey of LOP whetted a potence; some like HeadMistress, Just Karachi, CumShot, Horny On Top, Little Red Shit Hood and others worked out more on the lung by yukking. An Indian food regaled more than half of hashers. The hashers exclaimed the hare like PB, who tripped out to stage on a twerking for a return; the hare MC set up for a delicate cake that the taste was splashy; after the dinner, Just Cathy as latestcomer snailed into the hashers’s coda for a talk only.

We got a big time, and many times.

Peradventure a chiliasm is to come just for unwise men.