Zen and Dazed  Confused

Zen helps on finding out the self;
Dazed assists in forgetting the pain;
Confused aids to tide over the darkness.
Nobody can rule out the smog assault.

Big Enlightenment Temple embosomed the Boxer trail with secluded mountains. At lunchtime around, sixteen Hash zenists arrived at ashram under the foot of mountains. Hare and GM Life Of Pee alone prowled over there in advance with his spiritual zenith and body language only, and set a journey ceremony by placing some tools on the squarish stone such as a book, a hundred kuai, a medal,etc. flanked a man-high joss stick that was burning seemed to bring the hashers into a mysterious ambience. Then LOP held one big joss stick to opt for a walking hare on Just Karate with a medal adorning a good-sized copper cash strung together by a red ribbon. Another hare must be Boxer GM Baba Spook who elected the money. Luckily, can see the trail distinctly in smoky mountain area and a bit chilly.


hortly after, the hares gambolled ahead into a thin air. Even though it has been spring season, cannot glance round at the greenery, instead, terreous entangled brambles covered a plot of trail. Every once in a while stumbled across a small bunch of clear-cut flour to guide the way forward. rugged path teased female hashers to shriek, like Teddy Secret and Just Benny; through podunk and stuck around a mountain pass without a mark. Looked like an obsolete railroad tracks and wilderness all over where Boxer event for a couple of times hereabout rung the bells. A voice from a distance, “On On!” sounded like from Bearded Clam; spread hashers made haste to move on one way up and up, scaled higer and higher along the sign. Six Kuai Short found a dry dead cat on the route that indicated an accident long time ago; still woods and slumbering stones relieved the exhaustedness of hashers, faster breath and slower move, zigzag scanty escarpment tested the bravery and concentration of hashers.

A spot of yellow corn flour on remaining white snow foiled a chromatic aberration and snow residual on the pathlet struggled the hashers to watch out any moment. Running trail and walking one had been no difference. On the hillside, yelling voice from other climber group puzzled the hashers’s discrimination for the trail. Undulator and Nut Pirate were shaked off far backward; unwittingly the trail led to be downside. Unique trail emerged a surprise package that knee-drowned shed leaves sunk every hasher into weird feeling but cozy to heart in one’s mouth. Some obvious places where the hares deposited the candies for hashers and plastic lifelike toys such as spiders and dung beetles, cute! Perchance next Cambrian Period could chronicle a trace of footstep of hashers with these pending coal property in carbon dating. Descended, descended and met the walkers like Just Wendy and Just Karate; Lost In Marks and Spencer and Pickle Boy darted down the last part and then stunningly saw Fire In The Hole ahead in the first place; whilst hit the limo bus as home, Just Gregory with all of glow on his face had started drinking; by biting the packs of crackers and snacks to await all hashers to came back.

Boxer circle was sited on the curb. All hashers were required to sit on the step. The hares by turns emceed the overview and Just Olesya was appointed as veritable BeerB**ch; needless to say, the posture of Boxer hasher who gets in the circle must stand on a step forward, lower the body, take a drag on, then speak. The most humorous was that LIM&S with no word just came forward and curled up the cuff of his pants to show a scratch on his shank, complained the shitty trail; nevertheless SpermMaid stole out to expose his counterpart without a hurt, grouched the shitty trail, too; Just Aloe and Just Olesya parodied Boxer’s posture like a standing exercise; Just Karate danced a subset of kungfu taiji; Rubbit, Just Wendy and TS modeled their garish boots; every hasher had a drinking in the circle for a plausible reason, with mirth to head for a farm potluck, yummy and comfortable. After that, LOP, Undulator and FITH mocked a curling game in the yard that seems like the housewife’s profession and stired up a burst of screams and laughters; LOP steered the hashers to taste the local nuts and dried fruits like ginkgo fruit and almond,etc. palatable with hashers’s a little purchasing power! Some imitated the local way to burn the incense poked in the soil of an aged square tripod and mumbled some words. Alas! air-pollution all the same! Before the cope of night, the hashers jumped on the bus to return the downtwon for about one hour. Being grateful acknowledgement for the hares’s elaborate preparation for a meaningful Boxer to the hashers. To digest the zen of what brightens up the heart to see the nature.

Hash trash event continued to roll at a bustling business center of city on the next day. The smog has been attacking the life at level of PM 419 by then, approx forty hashers came over celebrating our Dazed and Confused’s 200th Hash run. The unwonted phenomenon announced that the walkers were more a half than the runners. On congested restaurant street, GM LOP and RA Comes On Vacation gave a simple pep talk and the hashers in diverse perspectives groped a way to march.

Timeworn sinuous hutongs consumed the energy and wisdom of hashers. But the runners rushed so fast, e.g., D&C along the way kept ahead and SKS (Boxer) followed close behind; LIM&S (Boxer) dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s of each corner for a sign; PB (Boxer) as hare had to put the mark to point a right direction at Open Check and Two Way prematurely; in less than no time, all ten runners reached at Hash Hold where a former residence of Mr.Ji Xiaolan exhibited an unostentatious cleaning politics as talented official leader during Qing Dynasty in late1700. D&C and PB had a group photo, with a slogan of cleaning up the dirty world from PB; a call for Open Check pushed the runners forward, Just Benny (Boxer) first detected the mark along the cookie cutter blocks of streets, over the foot bridge to Two Way, Pussy Nibble was high-octane to rummage about the sign; Undulator ripped along at stable pace; Another hare, FITH in earnest took care of the rear of runners lineup; at the first beer stop, the runners stayed for 20 mins until the big group of walkers appeared with big noise; Master Baker fished out a casket of plum sliced bread, toothsome; the owner of beer shop would like to inflate the price of drinking while she saw the majority of foreigners. But sorry and no way! Because both sides agreed with a price, it cannot be changed at random unilaterally. More drinking, more talking amongst the runners and walkers.

Open Check ushered the runners in the ruins of houses where the runners spent more time to check out. When the passing runners shouted at a mark on the wall of a toilet, “On On.” D&C was smackdab inside answered smartly, “On On.”But nobody checked in and laughed away. The other wrong ways of Two Way and Three Way must be placed the marks for Oh, Shit, provided that would be nothing, which must be corrected in the future for the hares. At Open Check, can do no more else on the other trails. Along the road, nothing but beeline way and main road. A shitty trail hung the runners up in situ for a short time. The hare had to prompt a way to press forward. Eventually the runners gathered together with the walkers. Walking hare, Creamy Lips speeded up the tempo of walkers and left beforehand so that two groups meet up for the next point. TS(Boxer) still sojourned with the runners as the walkers had kicked off; The runners finished the drinking and then cranked up the paces. While searched for the sign, a local young psycho strided out of nowhere from main road to Tiananmen Square, loudly cursed something in tattered and miserable cloth. Not long, the runners caught up with the walkers, almost same time the both set foot in front of Tianmen City Tower via a security check point and took a picture of Hash family in a wave of merriments and the crowed tourists photographed for the hashers as well. All the way back, the runners beat the road homeward like the clappers. Chippendale bought a Chinese national flag to flutter on his top through some grand establishments in guarded Tiananmen Square; the newcomers didn’t lag behind the others; NP (Boxer) and Ferrari popped up in the restaurant for the circle merely.

Pompous circle was performed in a tiny Taiwan square where it is solo quiet place surrounded busy business streets and hutongs. Sure did, GM LOP polychromed the ground that felt like a Hash Hollywood circle for a Hall of Fame by printing a stamp with the hand or foot for keeps; LOP baptized D&C for his meritorious deed for Hash, by concocting a beer blender from India, Japan, Belgium, Korea, China, Germany,etc, with newly awarded mug for his 200th Hash run. This celeb drained it at one fell swoop as a hasher through and through; Red Snatcher printed D&C 200th run’s elegant patches for each hasher to present to him in his face; Borneo’s liquor and snacks from the hares like CL and FITH comforted the hashers; PB played the guitar to sing a song for D&C 200th run; BC (Boxer) and SKS together served the hashers as BeerB**ch; the others split their sides with laughters, such as Butt and Paste, Honey I Am Late, Knob In Hood, Just Karate (Boxer), Crash Test Dummy, Hebei Horse Herpes, Pony, CumShot, Just Parti, Hard To Live With and newcomers, etc. As it turned out, RA COV lively precented Swing Low with the hashers under the screen of night. The half regaled local agreeable dishes. The whole city has been being enveloped in heavy metal particulates more and more.

On On,
Pickle Boy

Beijing, Tuesday,
February 25, 2014