An United Humanity Sooner or Later

 An United Humanity Sooner or Later.

The sky seldom jilts Faustian bargain to show a clean face and abundant sunlight predates a summer time for a pro-social event. A gaggle of nearly forty Hash go-getters in bizzarre pyjamases hit the spotlight in public, where the hashers have been is where the eyeballs would have gravitated towards. How dazzling a scenery line seems like a rainbow being streaked through! The streets and alleys come to the boil with delight.

As the case stands, more than the half attire identifiable pyjamas. The rest’s alleged nighties would be of personal equation such the part as T-shirts, jerseies and motley shorts,etc. Conspicuous Bearded Clam drapes a pink hooded robe and clutches a rising heart-shaped balloon as if an archangel is sowing the seeds for love; Walking hare, Master Baker’s sleeping suit brings into a memory of fairyland to explore kind of treasure trove between dream and reality.

The runners romp through laborious gambit, e.g., Dry Hole and puppy lugging each other, Waiting For It, West Side Farter and so on. The familiar street block and road are still jacking around the hashers in playing hide and seek for mark at certain nook. The grotesque hashers in knots passing in canyon might be more likely to be viewed as a circus’s parade for a carnival. Soon enough, reach the first beer stop at Paddy’s. The young ladies chirp one another like Teddy Secret, Just Cathy and Just Lily and newcomers; A few girls practise to circulate their coarse skin by punching their own underarm elbows until emerging the black and blue, such as On Your Knees and Hebei Horse Herpes; some keep quiet to enjoy a visual literacy like Lost In Marks and Spencer, Just Aloes, Just Olesye,Just Jasmine, Just Derek, etc.

Rattling pass the avenue and march along the canal, unwittingly melting into a hustling Sanlitun bar street to settle down second beer stop at a retail section, but a handful have lost their way such as Extra Dry, Circle K, Pickle Boy and Undulator, whom got confused by the old marks utterly and have to wrap up with going back the restaurant. The latecomers turn up one after another without pyjamas, such as Jizzy Shelter and Chippendales.

The circle ritual is taken place at a small vacant lot of sidewalk behind a detached canteen nearby the restaurant. GMs as hares Life Of Pee and Dazed and Confused as well as RA Comes On Vacation co-emcee a gleeful repertoire as per procedure of Hash; D&C rewards LOP a shining steel mug, looks like a situation of what roll my log and I will roll yours, they are great leader’s team indeed; TS and JS win their 10th run patches each; latecomers pop in, such as W7, Margaricunt, Twinkle Balls, Dreaming Semen and his parents in fact that they just are passing by without a preparation however once the hashers run into the hasher, they can hardly shy away from a drink in Hash circle;

Time for Just Pari to return to her home country after she has been hashing her weekend with hashers for almost one year. All hashers belt out “The Hasher Song” for her leaving and attest she is such an awesome hasher and name her Ayatollah Cum On Me; Just Andrew dudes in a bathrobe that forebodes he could have a shower, quite so, by a beer rain from hashers for congratulating on his achievement, because he attains his a Hash name known as Who’s Red Weenie post-odd-man of spot hashers; Marxist as a visitor confers a commemorable T-shirt upon Transylvestite dressing tightly a set of long underwear and the open slot on its crotch always tickles the eyes’s fancy;

Nut Pirate stands out to vote his favourite dresser for today, who is Pussy Nibble in lemon suspender skirt; Horny On Top starts to be barefooted in silence watching over her three puppies; DH all the time lilts Hash songs to portray hasher’s cream of the crop one by one that must record a disc for a Song Master; chortled hashers don’t drink hard such as Crash Test Dummy, HeadMistress, Just Karate, Hard To Live With and newcomers; latest comers are Heart On and Frodophile whom seem for a local hearty meal of Hash’s pyjamas party with the most. Subsequent to it, the half amble to Paddy’s for a nocturnal celebration by and by.

On On.
Pickle Boy

April 01, 2014