Well Dry Hole and Nice’n Tart certainly put on a show for Easter and with a good turnout considering the holiday weekend and the location of A, Gongyixiqiao (the most Southern stop on line 4).  The location got even more inconvenient when we finally discovered that B was Songjiazhuang (the Southern most stop on line 5).

I have absolutely no what route we took from A to B.  We were warned that the run was about 12km which was OK for 19 degrees Celsius.


The start was the first fiasco of the day was the start time with the runners getting away rather late!  We loaded the bags into the bag car at about 3.20pm after waiting for stragglers due to the remote location of A and Dry Hole (the hare) and Piles disappeared quite literally.  At 3.50pm, I made an executive decision to start without the Hare and left the walkers at A waiting for Piles.  I am not quite sure they waited because neither the Hare or Piles ever returned to A!  We set off with our able (more of that later) co-hare Nice’n Tart.

We broke the first open bunny quickly and charged down to a major junction where we stayed for quite some time.  Eventually having to get a pointer from the co-hare as the marking was under a ring road underpass and over another 3 lane approach road and then about 30m into a park!  That said it was quite large!  Another check in particular took us a while to break and we had to break it as the co-hare had forgotten the route!

The front running bastards piled into the first beer stop in 47 minutes.  Quite an epic!   Having asked myself why Dry Hole had not caught us up, I discovered the answer.  There sitting comfortably already drinking his second ice cold bottle of beer with not a drop of sweat to be seen was the Hare!  He was accompanied by Piles looking rather worried.  Piles by this time knew where B was and frankly was not looking to forward to running there (the walkers having taken a different route).  As the front runners gently sipped out beer, we suddenly realised we were missing all the girls!  The Hare was immediately dispatched on a search and rescue mission.  Another 8 minutes later our heroic hare emerged from the bush with his prize, we all discovered the problem it was, Roger Rabbit, he was lost in the bush with girls and did not want to come out.

A few minutes we set off for second beer stop with the front runners arriving in a respectable 25 minutes and having run through all sorts of terrain from urban waste lands to narrow roads with market stalls either side.

From the second beer stop we set off for B, with the only major hold up caused by Spiking Viking becoming visually challenged: “Well I am sure that mark wasn’t there when I checked the first time”.

Well done to Dry Hole (again) and Nice’n Tart for haring a most enjoyable hash!  However the hash will not survive if Dry Hole has to hare every other hash.  More volunteers please ….. regular hashers we know who you are, please email Dry Hole or call me Little Sai Wanker or Morehead!

At B, the drama really started when we discovered the back of the bag car had not been shut properly and that we had lost 2 bags out of the back of the bag car presumably on route from A to B.   This was a most unfortunate incident and most inconvenient for the 2 hashers in question.  Dry Hole and Piles credit missed the circle and most of dinner in a valiant if unsuccessful attempt to remedy the situation.

The Circle minus Hare (DH), Piles and a few others…..

Well when Morehead asked me to step up to the mark and GM this run he did not tell me that the Reverend was on holiday plus Dazed’n Confused too!  So the GM took on the RA role as well.

We opened the circle with a toast to the hares and had to force Nice’n Tart to drink which was hard (more of that later).   I had lined up a few down downs for the hare: getting lost, Easter choccies at the beer stops, 47 minutes to the first beer stop and a few others.  By the end of these the hare was pouring the beer over her head to avoid drinking it.  You can take a hare to beer but you can’t force them to drink it.


  • Our very own Easter bunny, What’s Up Cock resplendent in her own bunny hat voluntarily took on the role of beer amah.
  • Latecomers – with the record set by Undulator arriving fresh from Burn ing Bush’s cooking class at 3.40pm and even refusing to let a walker carry her bag.
  • Returnees – GM and half a dozen others …. Come back more often we love you!
  • Non Runners – Puppy Style and What’s Up Cock
  • The Hare For laughing uncontrollably when asked this question by a local at A.  He was just telling us he had been asked the same question in the morning as he was setting the run.  Unbelievably the temperature was not “leng” (cold) it was almost 20 degrees Celsius!
  • Roger Rabbit & What’s Up Cock – the hash’s own Easter bunnies!
  • Lord of the Ring Jobs and Finger Licking Good – deciding one after the other not to come to the On Food?  Is there something we should know?
  • Circus Freak – Getting excited seeing Little Sai Wanker greasing up at A
  • Spiking Viking – spotted at the Hong Koing Sevens by Little Sai Wanker and getting so pissed that he did not make the Sunday (the Finals day!!!!)
  • Circus Freak – insisting that he wanted a guarantee that the On Food would be delicious before signing up
  • Rumpy Pump – stepping in gum at A then proceeding to produce a 5 metre long string of gum
  • Circus Freak – stepping in the graves (passed on route)
  • Piles – looking worried at the first beer stop (well done he just about made it to B on the runners route)
  • Undulator, Finger Licking Good, Katherine getting lost in the bush with Roger Rabbit
  • Tom – wearing football gear to a drinking club with a running problem …. Such nice red socks!
  • Roger Rabbit – coming into the beer stop looking almost dead coming into the first beer stop: “I am getting too old for this!”
  • Spiking Viking  – listening to his personal trainer on the hash: “Left Right Left Right Left …….”



A few more down downs from the floor followed.

Circus Freak volunteering to arrange a hash camping trip at the end of the month ….. see the hash web site for more details!

Boxer Hash in 2 weeks time with an honorary guest … Sir Long and Thin who whilst not a founder of the hash steered the Boxer Hash through a difficult period in its history.

A veritable fest followed including some really quite fantastic cat fish soup.  Piles and Dry Hole were given a hero’s welcome at 8pm.

For the first time in a while, Circus Freak led the remaining hashers in a one verse rendition of the traditional hash song.

On On

Lil Sai Wanker