Well for all you who were scared away by the beautiful weather, the thought of Thai food or last week’s long and hot run…you missed out on a beautiful tree lined 8.7K run in and around the Capital Mansion area.  Not to mention all of the amazing outfits and a return visit from White Rubber (later accused by the Reverend for wearing too much).  As we stood next to a police station in all states of dress and undress with Dry Hole playing hash cash and wearing a navy hash robe and boxers, appropriately matched with a folded newspaper in the pocket, we noticed he was using the pen that Harry Crack had been keeping in his hairy crack while standing around in boxers only.  We also had a visit from TNT (Triple Nipple Tony) and his Teva flat foot trainers, looking very similar to socks with toes not unlike the purple socks that Wasabi Geisha wears.

After loading up the bags and making introductions we were off with our hares Dazed & Confused and Rumpy Pumpy directing as best they could with the unruly crowd.  We were extremely impressed by the marks when we discovered that D&C and LSW were out drinking until 7AM Saturday morning and then D&C went to set the marks.  Hash Cookies even commented on how no one was getting lost today as the city was blanketed in chalk.  Our first beer stop came within 2K and just as droplets of rain began to fall.  It was short lived and the sun soon broke through giving us a glorious day for hashing.  As the walkers showed up the runners quickly departed, fearing that with MB in his nightgown and cap we could be in for a long rest.

The hares ran the group into several dead ends including a group of men on a park patio with only one way in and out, DH and HC pretended to fit in, however none of the Chinese gentlemen were wearing boxers so they soon rejoined the group.  As we sped on who should be standing on the side of the route and wearing a hash shirt no less…Pretty Woman!!  He claimed he was at the tailors but I think that is an easy way to cut a hash in half and he reluctantly joined knowing another beer stop was fast approaching.  We were directed through the sanyuanli market and to our next beer stop.  A lovely shaded street but where did DH and HC go (and who has HC’s pen).  As we drank our beer we noticed that DH reemerged and explained he tried to get HC to stop and come back to the beer stop they missed but when it became clear to the locals that DH chasing and yelling after HC, while wielding a rolled up newspaper, looked more like a domestic dispute, HC quickly succumbed and doggedly returned for a beverage.  With only a short distance left we quickly made it to the “On Home” and 3 crates of cold beer.  Without the pressure of the media coverage, RSB assured us he would be ready quickly and had 6 pages of material.

We started the circle and introduced our extremely thirsty hares (Rumpy Pumpy commented or should I say “slurred” a number of times in the circle “I am drunk”) whom were constantly abused followed by the 6 virgins today, many of which were here thanks to Cyber Sex.  As we moved through to LTNS, the crowd was anxious to hear the RSB, especially those who had heard such amazing stories from last weeks run.  He began as any good pajama run lends itself to fashion on the hash and awards for wearing “too much” or “too little” on today’s run (he neglected to notice that his pajama pants had matching pockets with his pajama top and was forced to drink).  D&C was wearing an all Mario Brothers pajama set (while Spiking Viking wore D&C’s fiance’s Transformer pajamas) that created a controversy with WG.  She believed that the character was Japanese and D&C said “But no Luigi is Italian!”.  The RSB also brought in KMML for having a bike that looks like it’s owner “tall and slightly weathered”.  DH had also been caught by the RSB for saying “there is no such thing as bad head!”!  So as he ended with James and his “look of surprise” belly button we moved forward with accusations.

With all the glorious sunshine the accusations were extreme and combined with the sexiest sleepwear competition, won by Ma Baker, and the “top” and “bottom” couple award going to Moore Head and Hash Cookies.  DH requested that D&C break out the Cock of Chame not to punish but to be punished as we began to notice strange green algae growing inside.  It seemed only appropriate that D&C should get a taste of his own medicine.  In the glorious Beijing “Sunshine” we had a naming today, as Anthea, infamous for getting tipsy and challenging everyone one-on-one to “gambei”, became batised as “Bottoms Up”!

After some quick announcements we closed the circle and were “On Food”.

On On

Moore Head

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