And… It really was the “End of the Line” with a tolling bell for Hash Cash and “Nowhere Man” then breaking the bell. Nearly 40 hashers milled and mingled outside the restaurant in Jinsong. Hare, “Fucking Shakespeare”, very eloquently gave directions to the virgins about how to follow marks and then less eloquently warned them (F&#K$% etc, etc) if they failed to do so.

After GM “Pretty Woman” gave the Latin blessing for the afternoon, (nonus comprehendus by many Harrius), both running and walking groups set off to what turned out to be quite an interesting course. There were a few traps for the ladies, (like the market), but the first beer stop catered for those delays. It also catered for chocolate, peppermint and vodka lovers. “Beer Bitching’s” thermos of “hot chocolate” turned out to be “hot stuff” especially for “Paddington Bear’s” little daughter who despite BB’s warnings took a very definite liking to the Hot Chocolate and was very “happy” all afternoon until the awful moment of naming truth came and she wasn’t having any part of that. But, of course the effects may have worn off at that stage or then again she has already seen many namings.

Despite distinctively winter temperatures Ollie, (soon to be named), turned up late to the 2nd beer stop with the excuse that he wasn’t aware of the winter earlier starting time. Not only incriminating himself as a “long time no see”, (winter hours have been in for nearly a month now), it of course also suggested he hadn’t read the information properly. He didn’t attempt ridicule with this excuse as it was all being drowned out by a chorus of “Bullshit”

Open displays of S&M were prevalent with “Cumshot” frequently caning “D&C”, and then openly stating that he enjoyed it, (she said). Less noticeable, (but still overheard) was “Pretty Woman’s” admission that he gets erections from the subway.
The final beer stop ended in chaos with “Fucking Shakespeare” abusing all, (very non-eloquently, this time) so much that the walkers weren;t sure if they were walkers or runners or who was who? “Ginger Jesus” spent his time chasing pussy, (a white feline), which had to be an insult to all ladies in Beijing.

The circle was circled up at the “end of some road”, which still didn’t stop the cars “coming” and going and some just turning around to be annoying. About 6 virgins were welcomed and nearly three times that number were abused for long-time-no-see. However patches were being freely dispatched. 25 runs for “Ginger Jesus” and 10 for “Groper” and the “Dragon Lady”, 10 runs for “Dude – Where’s my Trail” and “Slave for Shafts”.

After down-downs for “warm brooms” the accusations started flying. Dude Where’s my trail for taking all the wrong turnings , “Prancing Queen” for kidnapping dogs and many more. Possibly the worst happened in the circle itself with the GM almost, (ie. exactly), forgetting the RA’s role in the circle.

With the onset of darkness, the lowering of temperature and wayward cars just getting in the %^&* way for no reason, the circle showed premature signs of degeneration; however all was brought to a head, (well, someone’s head), with two namings. The first for “Hot Chocolate” was vehemently rejected by the miniature hasher, (not quite sure if it was the name or the thought of a wet head), the 2nd had full honours bestowed and received the honourable name of “Slutorella” with lots of head.
“Ginger Jesus” was strangely quiet for songmaster, (maybe the thought of missing that pussy), however “Slatrac”, songmistress made up for it.
On food was a cosy affair in a small room with about 30 hashers starting with “Yogi Bear” and ending with “Swing Low”

From there, many continued to The Brick, where the hare, Beer Bitching himself, promised “free beer for all the hashers” at an affordable 10 RMB!! It was a certainly long night of beers and shots!!

On On