The run started at Paddy’s with partakers of beer and a noticeable number of non-partakers of beer, due undoubtedly, to many who “partook” of turkey and whiskey the previous evening. This non-partaking trend also extended to the hares when it came to explaining the marks, except there were no marks at the start as there was no chalk. When Benzover finally “bent over” to draw the marks from a bag of feeble slices which had finally manifested, most was used up before all the marks were drawn. However no disaster as the only virgin there had already lived in Beijing for 3 years. Orgasmus Retardus was certainly living up to his name, such tardiness in coming to the Hash was probably caused by too much ……. “whatever”

The 20 walkers were privileged to have their own hare who seemed to know her way around (apart from falling over a cone at the second beer stop). Jolly Green Knob set a cracking pace, (possibly to combat the previous night’s jollifications (and turkey crackling), Rumour had it he was drinking water all afternoon.

Prancing Queen with his Donald Duck shoes who was also walking (apparently he couldn’t find his running shoes), took advantage of the slower pace and “shopped” for apparently a head massager, although it looked more like a whisk. (Known for kidnapping dogs he was possibly in collusion with Doggie Fondue who was trying to make fondue from the doggie at the second beer stop).

The first beer stop saw two hashers comparing their boob size by measuring their backs, and Doggie Fondue discreetly attempting to show all that she really is the “Iron Lady”. Although denying everything the iron fence-railing was a sad-looking erection after she had finished with it.
Two late-comers arrived, Fucking Shakespeare who as usual raised the the tone of the conversation, and Dynamite Kung Fu who raised a degree of mirth having already got lost at this early stage of the run.

Gonggong showed some anxiety as he watched the scribe scibbling, for apparently he realises naming day is soon upon him.
The second beer stop thoughtfully appeared alongside the public toilets which was a “relief” for many who partook of liquid refreshment at Paddy’s before the run. From there back to the restaurant took the 35 hashers through the streets of Dongzhimen, the Farmers’ market (where Jolly gets his ‘meat”) back to the restaurant for the circle. Another diversion was Cumshot conversing with the parrots.

The circle welcomed and punished Orgasmus Retardus for his tardiness in cumming to the hash. Superhead got her 10 run badge, also a longtime no see, and Black Turd celebrated his 50 runs with a mug along with the “other mugs”. It was just as well he had missed a few runs, (and almost a Thanksgiving dinner), recently as apparently this mug had been lost in Dryhole’s house. for some time. Cigar smokers, “bazarre” German gluwein drinkers and new shoes were also punished. With Nowhere Man it was a special new shoe drink as it was actually in the shoe that was “nowhere” to be found.

From there to on food!