A good crowd had assembled early at Liufang Exit A with Pickle Boy dressed “to the nines” looking like he was auditioning for the Sopranos according to Nowhere Man (who also claimed then, and later in the circle that it was going to get him “nowhere” as he was 5 years too late). Even his running gear was impressive with interesting shades of green and purple.

From a total crowd of about 40 hashers there were 8 walkers, (with some fluctuation between beer stops). The walking course had a few interesting hazards; culverts and steep climbs. The walkers actually lost their hare, or was it the other way round? It turned out that CCTV was trying to redirect late-comer Frickin Shakespeare on to at least one of the courses; to no avail in the end, according to Frickin Shakespeare we all just left tooooo phucking early!!!

The runners had just about drunk all the beer at the first beer stop then spent time while getting lost on the open check. Dazed nearly successfully managed to walk off with a free bottle of water. The second beer stop saw the opposite happen with the walkers in full command before the runners’ arrival. The hash dog Gizmo, (yet to be named) was serenaded by an amorous pooch in Brazilian outfit.

The Circle started in an organised fashion with the hares being lightly abused, but then GM, Dryhole ran out of “cock” for the virgins, (at least one missed out).
Twinkle Balls had mixed recognition; first he was awarded 50 runs mug without the mug as absent Pretty Woman had locked it in his apt; but then had to drink from the ‘Cock of Shame”( after Dazed had done some sort of blow-job on it), for disobeying traffic rules!!!

Dry Hole accusated Hard to Live With for reminding him of his age despite HTLW being twice his age, (something to do with bladders), HTLW then accusated CCTV for losing the Walkers which of course also included Shakespeare’s late arrival.

The circle finished with a naming; a significant naming as the named was considered to be one of the truest hashers yet. Actually “Born in the Hash”. The dog Gizmo was officially named the “Hash Hound” From there to on-food. A reasonable meal finishing with “Swing Low” (much to the entertainment of the local populace) then it was on Paddys to finish our glorius Hash Wall, thank you LE CUNT for the great innitiative!

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