It was a beautiful day in Shunyi and the hashers gathered at the Mexican kitchen for a much anticipated Mexican feast and free flow margaritas. Before that though there was a run to complete and much beer to be drunk. Most of the hashers arrived in good spirits including Prancing Queen who got lost on Line 13 but made it just in time anyway and was there for the shout of open check. The high spirits continued to the first beer stop where Snot gave some of the hashers a warning about a see-saw posing as a bench and the hashers were revived with watermelon and cold beer.

After the 2nd beer stop it got rather puzzling with some false flour trails and everyone becoming distracted by shiny motor bikes. I guess no one was expecting a trail laid by Snot to be in anyway confusing… Beastly Hole ditched Hash Hound who then decided hashing was all too much for her and stopped dead in a field leaving Black Eyed Tits to carry her most of the way back to the restaurant. Ingrid more than made up for the lack of dog on the run by finding some self-proclaimed ‘demon puppies’ while trying to take a bathroom break behind a garage. This did not break her spirits as she and Beastly Hole started a chorus of ‘Margaritas, margaritas, margaritas’ (think lively Mexican tune.) Comes on Vacation showed signs of mutiny by becoming a walker so she could have a double beer stop and there were waves of people arriving back at the restaurant which led to some accusations of short cutters.

The hashers then gathered for the circle which was a nosy affair given that Nowhere Man wouldn’t stop talking and even Dry Hole couldn’t persuade him to stop. There was perhaps the longest long time no see in history with a hasher returning after 12 years bringing with him a new custom of playing reggae music from his own batman-style utility belt (not to be confused with a fanny pack or bum bag). There seemed to be something in the beer as many hashers kept disappearing behind various buildings for bathroom breaks or against the railings if you are Dry Hole… Ingrid reappeared in record time after a bathroom break and declared ‘Yeah I can pee like a guy’ It is actions such as this that earned her a name and now she shall be known as Dog Pounder so no one will ever forget her fear of small dogs or demon puppies. She also had the honour of being one of the first hasher of the year to be fully doused in beer since the weather is now warming up; she’s a hasher through and through!

Cumshot was called in for trying to find oil and make a few bucks while she was hashing and the inter hashers all drank together in hope of good times ahead. After some raucous behaviour and some more delicious beer the hashers called ‘On food’ with much delight and threw themselves into the Mexican buffet. The Mexican feast was delicious as always and after several gallons of margarita’s had been drunk the hashers began to disappear into the night to make their back into the depths of Beijing.

On On