The laughing Buddha inside the restaurant definitely had to something to laugh about as hashers in various forms of night attire gathered outside. From bathrobes to ‘gulag’ style striped pajamas and, Pickle Boy, (who always fails to be even slightly unobtrusive), this time was wearing a “tie” with his pajamas. The executive impression was slightly marred when he tried to do an early down-down with his pajama bottoms. He wasn’t the only one making a fashion statement as “Waiting for It” looked ready for the catwalk along with Dog Pounder, Vaginamite Kungfu and Pretty Woman who had his own special sewn-in ashtray. Footwear was also included in the night dressing although Magaricunt’s slippers were a little “holey”.

The Hares were very relaxed about it all and indeed Dry Hole and Horny on Top seemed ready for bed after the first beer stop. Meanwhile walking hare, Mind the Gap was making up for the gap/lack of marks by marking the trail as the walkers walked the trail. This all went very well until after the 2nd beer stop in the park when the trail came to a dead end. This was very fortunate for Nowhere Man as he kept running off into the trees for some reason and could then have found the walkers and trail nowhere in sight. Nowhere Man was also heard to inquire into the availability of cock and was informed that there were enough cocks in the Hash to last for the next 110 years! Finding the way out became a bit of a problem and at one point Pretty Woman and Skinhead looked exactly like the crazy inmates of a mental institution running wildly amongst the trees. 

The runners enjoyed a shopping area (for goldfish), and negotiating building rubble with pigshit, ideal for pajamas. One German very athletic hasher was noted for his ability to leap: fences and bicycles. He was later accused for displaying German scenery while running above, (possibly in mid-leap), some lady hashers.

The Circle had no RA so two guest RAs, Groper and HTLW “picked” on Pickle Boy, (now dressed as a cowboy), the hares of course, the German leaper and the other guest RA in striped, prison-camp issue, pajamas. Then the GMs and the Guest RAs were all accused by the latecomers, (Snot and Ferrari), for failing to recognise they were late-comers. Dry Hole made a very severe accusation of the Paparazzi picture taker. CCTV was patched for 10 runs. Nut Pirate was very vocal and insistent that hashers were to be punished.

After a full on-food and much discussion on future money-making ventures, (Cums on Vacation Holiday Tours and Groper Tours), and after Dry Holes birthday death song, most hashers adjourned to Paddys. On the way to the Subway Nut Pirate interrogated HTLW as to why most hashers needed to go to Paddys. He was really puzzled and was trying to “nut out” the answer. – HTLW was puzzled that there was a question – The answer of course is BEER.

On On

Hard to live with