The 111th boxer hash took us to Tianjin, a dystopian world very much like that of Blade Runner minus Daryl Hannah’s amazing hair and plus Elephant Arse’s unique concept of not much running on the hash at, thank you very much.

The Americans were duly slaughtered during a game of ice-beerball, and that taken care of we partook in food and drink, and it was good. Bus and air quality related catastrophes made this a hash to remember, although god knows I can’t remember much of it after we finished all but 7 bottles of beer on the bus.

I only got home at 5:30am so the next hash I remember is Piles’ FOYW run #1577. Fresh from a mission in Algeria, al-Qaeda splinter haring group of Undulator, Snot, and Piles were forced to ‘mark the trail in blood’ due to recent snowfall.

Utter laziness caused the budding young terrorists to choose a restaurant directly outside the subway station – bonus for the high-quality non-beer beverages available from the 7-11, but the food made us all pine for a nice trip to a street vendor to get some gutter oil sandwiches. Good choice guys.

On On!