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X-ray Stripes in Tycho Supernova

Renaissance’s property: humanism, innovation, polymath, positive, self-awareness, moral, science and practice, confidence, dignity, reasonableness, faith, freedom, truth, devotion, probity, justice, brightness, merriment., ect. Machiavellianism’s property: violence, ultraconservatism, dogma, negative, sophistication, perpetration, inferiority, brazenness, hegemony, mammonism, fatuity, fraud, obscurantism, incompetence, corruption, injustice, darkness, torment., ect. Notice: the isomeric with isotropy is resonant; the isologous with anisotropy is repellent. The empirical evidence is that when it comes to economic recession, the arts and wholesome cultures must be tonic. The healthy crise physically or ideologically are destined to induce a round of Renaissance anew. The inspiring reality that we are flourishing in an unprecedented digital era had the crusaders confronting the cruel game rules with full-hearted.

In the expansive wildness where the dilapidated dwellings traced agone villages’s layout, out there, emerged of the order of 40 cosmopolitan Hash pioneers in pursuit of the inspiration and epiphany of Dante, Petrach, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Martin Luther and so on by raking through historic Hash signs hither and thither pre-marked in using pink chalk and flour by versant hares like Snot, Drolly Green Knob and Hard To Live With. Perhaps at the act of grace from the World Spirit, balmy air and mild breeze under serene blue sky pacified the lungs functions and strength of hashers’s legs flailing and bouncing, by any chance into the open, not easy to discover the mark without a shade of hint from the hare at the outset, by the light of nature of the hashers, down to more farther god-for-saken wilds, nettlegraspering hashers slashed their way through the wizen man-high ditch reeds along with a backwater creek as far as the eye can see. Ferrari’s basset cannot hit his/her stride on a tender-nosed scanner. And then soon up ahead in the immediate present of semi-dry slushy trail rolled with bumpy wide ruts of muscle tractor.

Harmony as number 1st spotted the first mobile vehicle beer stop parked a smooth asphalt clearing from which to supply chilled beer, red wine, white wine and sliced banana, watermelon, hami melon on the plate as well as crackers. What a cornucopia! How considerate! The runners and walkers together steeped in drinking and snacking in rap session over how so vanished Renaissance was whilst entry into 18th century. Wait-For-It claimed that the Europe still differs East world completely. Quite so true, ever since Renaissance essentially unscrambled humanism out of feudal absolutists. The gospel has been incessantly evolving over all the while by which the scientific researches and activities were born out in a dynamic fashion accordingly not a static way or else Machiavellianism, NEVER! Even as the elementary particle is always spinning every single moment. What the hashers brainstormed the mootness came into line with David Hume, Immanuel Kant and Rousseau, etc. With the exclamation of sonority, “Open Check!” the hashers carried on trailblazing another stretch of sequestered bypath and traversed across bosky grove. Baptized through second mobile vehicle beer stop and readily balled the jack to the finishing line.

Omnium gatherum of Renaissance hashers naturally germinated a circular open forum. GM Comes On Vacation itemized poster-child hashers with their elusive burlesque deeds in the course of the day. Banana Hammock without a fighting chance for his account had downed myriad of aqua vitae like grape must. The hares clique sucked at maduro cigar manifested rakishness and sturdiness of vital capacities. Given the disparity of hashers’s peculiarities., e.g., heliotropic, geotropic, thermotropic, stenotopic, hydrotropic and so forth. Drolly Green Knob intoned Hash Divine Comedies in proportion of presto chango, in garbing his vested Hash frock with resplendent various Hash mats and capping a broadbrim with diverse badges, as seen a blazer releasing the energy. Pickly Boy as a professional beer bitch teamed up Ferrari and another Hash lady (should have Hash handle) in enjoying the gaiety of serving the hashers and the curiosity of cracking somethings, not only bottles of beer.

On the halfway, there was a black limo pulled alongside hashers’s circle. Some hallos uttered cries, “Latecomers!” All sights were turned over the direction the voice ushered to, laid eyes on Black Turd whom was being supported with a crotch under his arm, the left leg that seemed being applied cast to unbended as stiff as ramrod, being gotten off by edging out of the car in assistance with the hands of Mind In Gap, at the same time, a wheelchair was quickly shoved to at his elbow by Prancing Queen so he can sit in the hashers’s circle. Lo and behold! How high-spirited hashers, signature Trojan hashers! It metaphorized that any reformation would be brought to pass at the cost of somethings. Rather, rendered hashers’s hero a bottle of mineral water in place of the booze for affirmativeness. Other hasher escorts were rewarded Hash nectar for citation, as well. All the hashers acclaimed the bloom of Renaissance and the demise of Machiavellianism as the trend and perfectly in accord with the law of nature and the evolution of lap dissolve from Big Bang to Big Crunch in the universe. The rest of Hash aediles partook were Nowhere Man, Dear Heart, Bens Over, Nut Pirate, Blue Balls, unbeknown hashers and tiros. The gloam reminded the hashers of being time for vivers. The majority victualed the Holy Sacrament in Italian cuisine albeit at Mexican restaurant. Sumptuous and toothsome supper eased off the fatigue of hashers’s torsos in cozy environment and agreeable atmosphere. In the end, with certainty, “Swing Low” of Hash classic ode by Comes On Vacation led the chorus dispensed gnomic pabulum to all life forms.