Solar Flare

Hot! Hot! Hot! Dunno because of either the whether or the people. The hashers in red dress are hotties for sure, though. Hundreds of Hash performers in fiery-red diverse attires shaped a stream of flaming river running with appealing strength and engaging vigour from one bustling street through one quite alley to another crowded bar street, which lifted up a wave of carnival-ish revelry in the alternation of spring and summer, crimson dress making the sense.

Reputedly most of participants have primed one entire year for this very day, a big showy day. It seemed that the weather as well responded the magnetic induction with pollution-free and supplied much more sunshine than last year’s rain for this same very day. At times the comic reliefs invites the bursts of repeated applause and brava from the onlookers alongside of streets. The camera-toting passerbys and paparazzi are scrambling for a vantage point to take a special picture for the hasher’s show—Running In Red Dress, telegenic.

Lo! The hashers masquerade as lifelike fancy blondes. Life of Pee who bravely wears a scarlet bra and skirt, declaring a gentlely winding faint cleavage from his plastron, a well-formed face is made up with ostentatious rouged lips under the brim of his sunbonnet topped by his blonde wigs with short straight hairdo and piggybacks some words on his back: “Full Body Massage” and his phone numbers. Doesn’t he/she allure somebody else? Yes, He caught a bevy of eye balls called visual impact for this special day; Just Bernd’s dress-up drew in an uproar in which he dons breast-leveled long red skirt matched a long silk red scarf and long curly blonde wigs. Again, the masterstroke is still rouged lips, bright, moist and pinkish. Effused a kind of elegance while he is moving on, but must keep a length of certain distance to see his figure for a more alien imagination.

To be sure, each hasher orchestrates his/her publicity stunt with lady’s red paraphernalia to varied extent. In the meantime, which could assuage the desire of transvestism of sorts, to say the least for some and revealed a phenomenon in the modern-day world that the neutral seems to be much less stressful. Beyond all question, this unique activity with breaking so-called traditional mentality spreads a chance of interchanging the different position to give thought to a vision of world, as it turned out, being flabbergasted by the result of external validation. This’s why the yearly run in red dress generated most consumingly interactive with the public. Once seeing each other no matter who the people take part in or not, first subconscious reaction must be SMILE all together, at that moment the joy is irreplaceable by anything else.

Nobody doubts Pretty Woman has been pretty woman this time from which he caps a ruby sundown and puts on a pair of gules sunglass without the lens but wide frame and wears a brushful suspender skirt, completely a dame; the clavicular beauty might not only delegate for the female, also for the man in a red chirpaur like Dry Hole with long waving purple long hair wigs, looks like a slim big wig; Scum Cocker’s floriated chirpaur suited his short blue wigs, a far from similar in grain, he’s still bare underfoot; Ladies in red dress became more graceful such as Doggie Fondu, Beasty Hole chewing a big lump of marshmallow, Cum Shot and Autoblow, etc; Kiss My Maple Leaf is as much as he dressed up in chirpaur with capping a short blonde wigs; LeCunt headed a orange chicken true to life, could be a hen exactly bedecking with his suspender skirt; Kimichi Muncher couple brought his junior Kimichi Muncher to the rumbustious scene, who’s like just months old, stacking up against outlandish hashers’s cry; unwonted so much more hashers almost make out of order of GM and Hares, also due to too much newcomers and unbeknownst hashers.

Wherever this patch of sanguine electromagnetic field is moving on, running and stopover for drinking on the trail, all along, the onlookers and passerbys are getting more and more are surrounding around the hashers with the curiosity mainly, snapshooting, rumbling, “for advertising, for gay, for memorial, for festival,etc”. Some even screaming and laughing. At a single moment, the time seems to have been frozen-frame for the hashers’s the action in this space weather. When the hashers’s red stream’s passing through a sequestered alley, a damsel is stepping out of the gate of her yard and views the line-up of hashers, her face expression is out of blue amazed with her words, “Uh-oh!”. The people on the streets and alleys are not without happy laughters and cheerful voices as soon as catching sight of the hashers running in red dress. In the air is imbued with full of merriment, as well. With identical ground and different context, Cockroacher professionally photographs a family hashers as a whole for an everlasting commemoration.

In the indoor circle, the audience vanished. Ferrari and Pickle Boy with wearing a ribbon Afro-hair and a cardinal one-piece as the Beer Bitch serve the hashers. Only a situation of what the beer is shortly consumed by the hashers a case by a case could be rare. Ferrari sighs: “Hasher’s getting drinking like a fish!” As it is. GM, Pretty Woman’s voice has changed hoarse. RA Dazed&Confused is up to his elbows in organizing the vaudeville act a group by a group. The hashers without primping in red dress ought to drink more such as Nowhere Man, Chelsea Sucker, Dragon Lady, Transylvestite, On Your Knees, Come On Morris, Nut Pirates (even so dressing some distinction, but nobody certainly cannot recognize it’s red dress?). In low-key way to dress up in red, e,g., Princing Queen, Bens Over, Black Turd, Gap In Mind, Brussel, Right Snatcher, Snot, Fire Hole, and many hashers with not yet hash handle. Not until a high tide is propelled by what a virgin showed his private parts as a proof of which he’s a man as a sure thing, which forthwith stirs up a fit of squeaks, particularly from genuine female. So there is not the one hermaphroditism and distinguishes the natural attribute from the physical instead of the trappings. Whoop it up! Still, the hashers love to drink the beer, Cool! Cool! Cool!