trash 1594


The Spiral Arms Are Self-Perpetuating, Persistent, And Surprisingly Long Lived.

The sand storm is skittering on the surface of lake and breaking into the dimples with astatic undulation of the sheets of man-high green ditch reeds with scratchy and scraggly feistiness. More than 40 hashers seem racing with the fluttery dusts to somewhere. Of course, the chalked marks on the trail usher the hashers in and out of the parks, approx 4-5 ones to varying degree, grotesque statues and structures seem leading the hashers to ET embassy.

A about 2m-long branch with bushy leaves is broken off by the storm and right down in front of Placenta, thanks to his agility, dodged this falling object; Certain park barred the doggie from getting in. Beasty Hole has to stay at the starting point in attendance on Gismo; As always, the game playing between the speed and the choice raises the curtain on the pacemakers of runners like Dry Hole, Doggie Fondu, Bearded Clam, Doggie Pounder, Right Snatcher and some rookies.

The front runners relying upon the speed may be not keep ahead along the way. The backward runners relying upon the choice of the mark may be not lag behind all the way as such. Only both of faster speed and smarter choice could sweep the board at the finishing point; But Waiting-For-It got eagle eyes and oftentimes spots the hidden or fuzzy marks.

Even though a hare team is first time to take their stint, they did well like the veteran and being expedite, i.e., the arrangement of two beer stops are spot-on, an abundance of iced nectar, in particular for the circle rite timely replenishes the hashers to one’s heart’s content with extra cooled beers the case by the case; Jolly Green Knob’s rap songs are strumming each and every happy laughter and cheerful voice of hashers on site by which RA Dazed&Confused picks up the laughingstocks out of the hashers’s acts, ineludibly for a climax, awarding the good job of Life of Pee and Just Dupree as the hares separately, taking it for granted, kneeing down in the centre of circle to accept the ablution of the beers from other hashers’s charity and Fire in the Hole as another hare partner for sure gets toasted up as well a round by a round. Life of Pee honourably succeeded to GM of Moon Hash and worth his salt.

All at once, an out-of-the-way scenario occurred, an onlooker all the time shouting bravo lost his control, this local young man looks like 30 around in decent clothes, storming in the circle with murmuring and knocking his head many times to Snot and yelling for something and isn’t indicative of his go-away for a while. This stranger’s behavior has been abnormal obviously and impacted on the progress of circle. Some hashers talked him into calming down to the normal. Perhaps it’s over-culture-shock.

Just Bernd in the outfit that is like the space suit in Summer edition shows up as latecomer and also Come On Morris; Have to mention of a kind of hasher, early leaver like Pony who just showed his face in the beginning, then disappeared from the ground up; Hard To Live With smokes a super-dark cigar with drinking a bottle by a bottle of beer, good special smell, though; Shortly afterwards, 6 small cases of beers are consumed by the hashers and made Pickle Boy as BeerBitch in full hands to open, open the lids;

Other hashers on hand as witness of high-time grabbers such as Nowhere Man, Dragon Lady, Bjorn Again, Transylvestite, Bens Over, On Your Knees, AutoBlow, Virgins and other unknown hashers; GM, Come On Vacation belts out a Swing Low with all hashers for wrapping up a circle.

At last, having a square supper in plush Hunan style restaurant, and for some ad-hoc one thing, somebody else is ready to leave for elsewhere, who is, our dear seasoned hare and beloved hasher, Prancing Queen, being grateful to bring in Hash with his vigour and his sagacity. By doing so, the hares specifically ordered a big cake for him, Beasty Hole renders a profound impression by plastering a plate of cake on his face friendly. Immediately provokes a houseful of laughs. As if reminding him of a messy side of the life wherever he goes; Dry Hole who re-sings the Swing Low with all hashers draws a period mark for this unforgetable moment, revealed that Hash is another home for any hashers wherever he goes.

Have to be accustomed to the hashers coming in and out. Coincidentally, the mark of ‘Open Check’ on the trail in this day scaled down to small one, looked like a period mark, but it in Hash doesn’t mean a finish, which’s still calling for a new journey, even with violent storm.