1597 Trash


If the parallel universes or multi universe would hold water with super string theory, the hashers can ferret out ourselves on their respective gaint membrane from other same or similar universes in different dimensions, even 14th D as yet, because the hashers have plunged into intricate alleys (hutongs) to the full, the human is still exploring a way to break through from the current universe to another self universe between two infinite membranes for an eternal life as much as the hashers are groping the mark out between the flanked walls of alleys.

Dry Hole takes the lead ahead of nearly 30 Hash runners to pinpoint a singularity in an interval of two segments of alley area as a node by a node before another journey in a fire-new universe would be synthesized; Gizmo lugs Beasty Hole to tag on to another Schrodinger’s cat being faster than the speed of light; with cloudy weather and myriad charged particle in the air, seems wanna rain but not, the majority of hashers such motility as Sleazy Rider, Defecologist, Nut Pirate, Transylvestite, Fire in the Hole, Pretty Woman, Creamy Lips, Hard To Live With, other hashers without Hash handle and virgin, as though having a running race with a particle accelerator to pan out an unification of time-space, electromagnetic field, mass-enengy, momentum, gravity and temperature.

At Hash Hold, there’s a venerable cathedral constructed in 1700s highlighting the grandiosity of Gothic architecture and the meditation of religion, and being infused into modern life by entertaining a wedding ceremony inside. Banana Hammock snaps the shots over the hashers family photos in the setting of Catholic establishment. Waiting for it discusses with the hasher for atheist and agnostic. Nevertheless all life forms cannot run counter to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The substance is made from the atom and the atom is composed of the proton and the electron.

At second beer stop, Pickle Boy confides his rule of thumb on the relationship with the opposite sex as a sour man based on his own experience; Undulator attests to her loyal for the popsickle in consuming a stick by a stick each Hash event; from out of nowhere, Spermaid turns up, and really long time no see; carny marks cajole the hashers to circuit from one alley to another alley.

Thunderbird! happy hunting ground, having to be piecemeal, with the Law of Reciprocity at times, Markov Random Field at times, via the time channel only feel the temperature’s alteration from minus 220? of Pluto through 6000? of sun surface to 10^32? of Big Bang, having observed Orwellian society and Schwarzschild Black Hole,etc, provided that a computer with a cloud calculation can test its velocity that must be 70.4 petaflops per second, swishing it around.

No wonder the circle spot is sited at a dilapidated building where the sizzling hashers radiate the entropy to cool down by which the slotted mouth from GM Pretty Woman runs the show, by definition, a lap by a lap down down for the hares group; songful rave from vicarious RA Dry Hole fleshes out whole scenario as well as signal hurrah of Nowhere Man and drunk sideshow from Bjorn Again for flavouring; On Your Knees just drinks the water all the time; Eh! Dragon Lady, Beasty Hole and another female hasher have vanished in the circle.

It ends up with that all hashers have a family picture standing on the piles of rubbles before this building goner; some migrant workers aside the circle are fascinated by the hashers’s scene where the hilarity evolutes from traditional three states like solid, liquid and gas to novel three ones like plasma, bose condensate and fermionic condensate.

As a result, there’s a fudge factor empowering an appeal whereon a catchphrase on a T shirt from which a hasher dresses on: Knowledge like the pants invisible but is very important, in English and Chinese both versions.

Later on, 10 hashers stay for a local food. Still, envision how can imagine the lifetime of cosmos that spans from 2*10^98 years to 10^196 years.