Two Seabirds Hashers

The Rotund Seabirds Are Discussing Over Discrepancy of Boxer Hash And Traditional Hash

In a striking comparison between the number of times in these two Hash events as per a felicific calculus, despite the far less times of Boxer Hash, it’s indelible Boxing Day positively because 30-plus hashers gamely merge into a Dame Nature as the naturist from which to conquer a long succession of mountains in a sightseeing of rural area where it takes an hour and a half by the chartered bus from downtown on regular Sat as a daylong jaunt that differs Sunday’s one for a whole afternoon in the park and streets of urban area, as such, there are 30-odd hashers showcasing their torsos as well for traditional Hash and some hashers join both with a lap dissolve. The weatherwise, staying the course of humidity all along in those days, nice to stretch the body but a bit sultry for a breath.

Boxer Hash trail: On the arrival of foot of mountain, in the first place, GM Bubba Spook musters the hashers into a corner of rubble wall and soon catch the sight of a 2m-diameter of Tai Ji diagram on the ground that pieced together by the red brick like the crop circle, oh! that’s apparently a mark of Open Check for today, certainly the mark made of the powder on the trail, aside, there’re a slice of chalk marks on the wall that look like the fresco, Life of Pee, as the hare and might as well be an archaeologist, construes the matters need attention that seems to quest for the reptilian Dracos of Rem mainland.

Right away! Life of Pee and Doggie Fondu first depart for setting the marks beforehand 10 mins and then the hashers stick around the foot of mountain for the couples of minutes, ingenious Benzular representing Shanghai hashers to lead the way by blowing a big conch that utters the rumbling sound; Dry Hole as usual is the first to spot the right trail via the piecemeal marks, but this time the trail all the way keeps up and up, Boxer buffs like Sleazy Rider, Kiss My Maple Leaf, Beasty Hole, Worm Reader and Red Snatcher,etc move on at a good bat, now and then waft the whoop out of the bush, “On On!” as well as the conch’s clarino, and string out a group of crawlers by and by such as Nut Pirate, Fire in the Hole, Pickle Boy and On Your Knees.

On the mountainside, somehow the restricted physical strength has been not able to buttress an appreciation of an imposing landscape under a bird view, gritting the teeth to lurch higher and higher. Each sole respite from the gasp along with the vexed twitter from which the cicada on the bough is sucking up the sap against the blazing hot, a glimpse into half-inch-long ant, centipede and gecko in sequence haunting on the cramped upslope as though pushing the climbers forward, with a vertigo, reach at a mountaintop and there can find a human-oriented service of selling the freezing bottle of water. Bringing through! It’s about 3 hours lapsed later. 2 mountaintops has been dropped behind. However, the first group of hashers have vanished without a trace, too, can see sporadic local mountaineers up and down.

Insensibly descend down the mountain pass, kindly Sleazy Rider awaiting to supply a thirst-quenching bottle of water and then zigzag through a patch of apricot orchard to swing back the starting point, where many hashers have come back for awhile, acquiring reward with the bretzels, crackers, cookies, iced water, iced coke and iced beer, many of whom lay bare above the midriff with the sweat, sure enough, all of them are hot macho hashers. In no time, Nowhere Man as co-hare is guiding his walking group appearing with a salvo of shouts of joy, e, g. Undulator, Creamy Lips, Knob in Hood, Horny on Top, Banana Hammock, Drill Me and unknown hashers, holding on for extra 15 mins or so, Fire in the Hole whose slippery running shoes dragged her the last one emerges at long last, accompanyed by Nut Pirate, dutiful Life of Pee making the point of retracing the mountain pass to pick up the last group.

Traditional Hash trail: There blares out, “Open Check!” the hashers scatter from the assembling locale for exploring clamant marks on the pothole-ridden trail, plus, the mizzly shower in the morning just wetted the road surface, Sleazy Rider and Red Snatcher as the bellwethers run at the fore over others. Whoa! Take notice of them, just completed yesterday’s Boxer Hash and right now run on the bounce at Sunday’s Hash again. How energetic as is the hasher through and through! The plurality of chalk marks are set aloft like on the wall and pole and so on. So the hares are lucky with not washing away their job by the rain water.

There are some calls in the alleys hither and thither, “On On!”, which has the local follow to yell, “Ho Ho!”, though. After the first beer shop alongside the curb, the hashers march into the preppy dorm community where the fancy architecture please the eyes of hashers. The passionate hares such as Life of Pee and Autoblow alternately correct the hashers who run wild too far away, the call of “On Back!” is like a rein to halter the breakaway hashers to be on the track.

The park had become the inevitable part of Hash trail. This time is without exception. Instantly entering into a park, a stream of odor mixing with the moist dirt and dewy plant is drifting about head-on. Now and again producing sound out of the groves and the hillocks, “On On!”. B*tch be Cool sprains his ankle and has to limp with perseverance; Certain newcomer loses the way and noses self way to catch up with the group. After the second beer stop on the curb, along the main road, the hashers are finishing in a dead heat the homestretch and come acrosss the walking hashers such as Bjorn Again, CumShot, Knob in Hood and some newbies, etc led by the co-hare Ferrari. More than two hours had flown by while arriving at Hash House.

Boxer Hash circle: Empty parking lot is just fit for a circle scene. GM glib Bubba Spook presides an overview in the circle; facete Benzular fetches out another gadget, a dainty pocket-size embroidered red chirpaur tightly donning on his chilly naked bottle of beer, sputtering on drawing rounds of laughters, specifically demonstrating his chiselled body by bending forward and then perking up his hip and lifting up the sexy chirpaur bottle of beer in his hand while he steps in the circle; Beasty Hole cannot help but enjoy pleasantly cool by sitting on the edge of empty fridge and the bare feet soaking in the iced water inside; Knob in Hood laughs off his head with rhythmic trenchancy between times; a lap by a lap to cheer up for each hasher’s featured acts on the trail. To stride forward a step before taking a drinking while any hasher gets in the circle is known as an idiosyncratic posture in Boxer Hash.

Traditional Hash circle: In the residential quarter, there’s a parcel of vacant lot for a circle venue. First off, GM Come on Vacation has an opening remark over intraday anecdote. Without fail, the bouts of cheering up for the hares standing in the center of circle is must-be. Then RA Dazed &Confused, who capped chick hat that a big yellow hen is brooding astride topside, executes the function of a deacon in poking fun at the hashers by using his another chick plastic drinking vessel to have the hares tippled; A virgin seriously accuses the hashers of speaking too much dirty words, then the hashers asked Pickle Boy to interpret the meaning of dirtiness in the Hash and induces the guffaw; No doubt that the locals aside curiously watch the hasher’s circle and a local man lashes up in the air with his steel whip, making a deafening sound on the leather tip; Gizmo really dreads the gun-shy stuff. Beasty Hole with angry goes to heckle this man near the circle; Asshole Sucker and some hashers walk up to this man to learn how to whip up after GM Come on Vacation leads a chorus with the hashers for a Swing Low as the end for the circle pageant.

Boxer Hash Dinner: A particular farmer yard adjacent to the circle receives all bobbish hashers with weighted local farm food, a clean, commodious place where dipteral corridor contains three eating tables for all hashers and the mistress’s hospitality and a vista of which the shrouds of foggy mountaintop seems a piece of gigantic oil painting, its color is changing from the green to the blue at dusk, give of additional sapid dishes; What On Your Knees shrieks cracks the highest tone on site because a bug lands on her back. Lady! Please don’t be a drama queen; after the meal, the photos with the locals and the hashers altogether are shot a lot for a good memory; Getting on the bus toward the downtown denotes an end for all daylong mountaineering. Exhausted but limpid! The puppy’s tail has hung down even.

Traditional Hash Dinner: Having to accentuate bizarre dining table with hotpot appliance in hidden shipshape basement as a restaurant, an oval bar-graphic table can entertain 20 persons around with each firepot for each person. When the hashers sit on the food, as if opening an UN round-table seminar. The reasonable price and ample food, plus, caring service fully make the hashers on the scoop. Not to speak of it! Drink toast to the hares for sure. Pickle Boy pitches a question for Daddy Day, there are some daddies who are indeed half-assed.

Bottom Line: Voila! Boxer Hash moves up vertically and Traditional Hash moves on horizontally. Can you discover the golden section ratio and focus curve vector in the ambit of coordinate axis of Hash?