Spiral pack florets gather sunlight by producing auxin and certain proteins interact
to transport each other around inside with Fibonacci numbers in nature in quite order.

Lurking sultry climate incarnates agenbite of inwit and introspection;
40-odd Hash angels share in inflected glory of an Independence Day;
Peppering along the trail with rectitude, justice, liberty and integrity;
Challenging against despotism, ignorance, incapacity and conspiracy.

Cool nectar and luscious watermelon fade away the sweat of hashers;
Neoteric song mark at the fork guides the hashers with Yankee Doodle;
Elongated trail increases the beer stop by three ones as bare essentials;
Effervescent celebration plays up to a whole world from a solo nation.

Life of Pee crayons biggies’s names clustered on his jersey with point;
Youngest junior Phantom proves the time lapse by evidently growing
up bigger over the past one week in good hands of mom Taxi RideHer;
Chewkacca, How Long, Cipples Dales and Misled leg it on the double;

Black Turd and Mind the Gap bob up at first beer stop to offer potion;
Fire in the Hole, Red Snatcher, Creamy Lips, Undulator and unknown
hashers peacock magnetic storm of kinetic energy in the nick of time;
At third beer stop, run into what Cockarazzi is working on his camera.

Thoughtful Comes on Vacation as hare hands out subway ticket to each;
The fairground branches out down the embassy area, alleys and streets,
moat sideway and foot bridge, Jimmy Woodser of city cannot feel alone;
Compos mentis scientech balances with time capsule and primrose path.

Wrangler’s jacket and hat mense a distinctive selfdom of Beasty Hole,
as is her last hashing with Gizmo and moves on her career of biology,
hashers would miss her silent beauty, her witty words and her nifty act,
Godspeed! Take something to heart, that must be breakthrough and up.

Circle spot is coiled in a tiny woods, enclosing hashers with dense trees;
Some latecummers squeeze in, such as GM Pretty Woman who emcees,
Waiting For It supporting a walking stick erects amidst the circle stanza,
SongMaster Jolly Green Knob sings the strains of Psalm of Joy apiece.

Boxer pioneers like Bubba Spook and Kiss My Maple Leaf blow in too;
Beasty Hole and Gizmo bear off a 50th Hash run mug enjoying popularity;
On Your Knees once again chucks up any her beer in the circle with water;
Nowhere Man ballooning his beer gut quaffs till mind of conscript fathers.

Pickle Boy as usual as Beer B*tch pours the booze to hashers’s carouse;
The grin tumbles over the corners of mouth time and again, of Placenta,
Bens Over, Bjorn Again, Hard To Live With, Dragon Lady and the rest;
Pretty Woman as GM knees down in the circle, Scottish liquor vs mana.

Vesperal observance had half of hashers weltered in a Sichuan comestible;
Life of Pee and Comes On Vacation fish out a device to blare florid music;
Nationalism of localization and cosmopolitanism of internationalization,
either way, keeping humanity and boosting human progress are survival.