Secret Courts


Secret courts like Star Chamber operate without public scrutiny.

Forty righteous hashers bedecking Republican red cap commemorate La Fete;
Constitutional marks on the trail’re charted with color of blue,white and red;
Durative sweltering air substitutes as smoke of historical revolution warfare;
Absolutism with plutocracy trades democracy to perform a neo-cybernetics.

Chewkacca, Doggie Fondu and Cipples Dales first break away for freedom;
There’s no sign in long distance at interval between two constitutional marks;
As though connoting the constitution a hell of a lot lagged behind demand;
Blazing the long trail without mark have to return to hark at order of hares.

Multi-layout of downtown simmers the footprints and the hails of hashers;
Two parades of festoon-esque hashers converge at first beer shop for revelry;
Ice-cold lager and superior Burgundy wet hashers’s whistles till no heeltap;
Twinkle Balls, B*tch Be Cool, Red Snatcher and newcummers gallop ahead.

Biggles’s yellow jersey thereon photostats a picture of evolution of humans;
The marks as plain as pikestaff shepherd the hashers into second beer shop,
where,de nouveau,Black Turd and Mind the Gap render diverse choice wine;
All hashers against the wall of green flack takes photograph of whole group.

When most of hashers tag along with the calling of hares at the branch road,
Doggie Fondu and Pickle Boy adhere to the marks on way back not mouths;
How figurative to abide by functional leader or the constitution practically!
Following the leader, connection works; Following the law, barrister works.

Reverend Snot and stellar Nowhere Man (absent) expire their hashing days,
wheresoever they are going to, hashers will be inseparable for well-beloved;
Margaricunt and Black Turd seemingly race for muttonchops as Francophone;
Banana Hammock and Bens Over have civic-minded in trimming the craze.

GM Pretty Woman convenes the hashers for a curbside circle as anchorman;
RA Dazed&Confused reviews the sidelights, with his cock chicken at times;
Song Master Jolly Green Knob chants a music drama for triumph piecemeal;
Acclaim and go on the binge for Bastille day as First Republic of humankind.

To boot, the latecummers just catch up big time, such as Comes On Vacation,
Horny On Top, Dog Pounder; the ocular demonstration of recovery from the
injury, such as Cum Shot and Waiting For It; the walkers, such as Bjorn Again,
Asshole Sucker, Undulator, Spank My Hide, Dragon Lady and unbeknownst.

A variety of palatable Vietnamese spring rolls and noodles entertain reformism;
Snot sets out massive ardent spirits with presto chango for brass balls of hashers,
To raise glass to hares’s service and to rejoice over liberty, egality and fraternity;
Puberty, fervency, glory, generosity and sincerity lead next jubilation to Paddy’s.