Hacking Mind


Through the wormhole,explores the potential and dangers of hacking the mind.

As much as 49th Mersenne Prime is being delved into, nearly 50 Hash fiends are on the hunt for the hidden marks on the trail at 3 PM on the nose, humid air is still bundling up the people to be sticky and sweaty all the way, called Great Heat, moya! not to mention of more than half hashers being in way of Riemann hypothesis and Graham number to hotfoot it, where the heck is the mark?

In the puzzled conjunctures, Undulator as the hare has to swamp the trail with reminders of resetting some marks so as to extricate the hashers from the doldrums. “On On!” restless hashers such as Dry Hole, Chewkacca, Chippendales, Red Snatcher and newcomers move forward so swiftly, along the streets and thoroughfare, through a crossroad by a crossroad with traffic lights blinking its tinge between red and green by fits and starts. In a trice, all hashers flock at first beer stop to brook no delay for aestivated quencher, no doubt various popsicles hog the obsession of big part of hashers, like B*tch Be Cool, Creamy Lips, No Beer Required and many unbeknownst hashers. Out of nowhere Nut Pirate turns up. Cold beer is certainly up for grabs evermore.

At Hash Hold as toehold is settled in a tiny patch of playground interspersed with assorted athletic apparatuses. Dry Hole leads the pack by a wide margin in drilling the pull-up on parallel bars and horizontal bar. Before long, across the two parks, hard to spot the mark, but the verdant mead touches the heartstring. Some groups of local people are playing their separate games at a leisure pace and every so often view the hashers passing through and clarion shout, “On On!”. when traversing over two foot bridges under the open sky, the hot waves blow on hashers’s faces. Pickle Boy and Placenta start to run with naked upside; two junior Banana Hammocks yield no ground to scamper in the custody of Banana Hammock; Fire In The Hole and On Your Knees stick out a mile to be faster than ever; from time to time can hear of the comments from the onlookers, “Is this Marathon race?” “Aren’t they feeling hot in such a weather?” a corner retail section under a tree shade becomes second beer shop.

By dint of memory of the road instead of the mark, revert to the home base, a Chinese Northeast style restaurant. The Hash walkers seem to home longer time. A wayside open space is fittingly had as the circle site. Comes On Vacation as GM comperes a ceremony. Some visitors exhibit their passions, in particular, Fishy Hooker couple’s rap song and spinning dance along with uplifting index finger overhead, vocal rhythm and dance step keep such and such in unison. They’re Hash hustlers well and truly and gift GM a T-shirt as a keepsake, then Wee In One Bottle comes forward switching their another T-shirt with his jersey so his new tattoo is blazing all the more. Sure thing is that the hares are on the beer by being irrigated a round by a round, smiling Just Shannon drinks up a cup on a cup with chuckle without cease; bibulous Bjorn Again can’t stop from drinking until dancing in his way in the circle.

Song Master as before carols his eulogy seriatim, who’s our dearest Jolly Green Knob hasing a last hashing, hashers won’t forget his gospel songs and his pope-ish mien and last night he treated all hashers(70 or up)’s all drinkings at a pub as his farewell party, shalom aleichem! Waiting For It as latecomer drops from the skies but Bearded Clam and Horny On Top have been out of sight with French leave; Bens Over tenaciously corrects the time in GM’s oral announcement; Dragon Lady, Just Yogo and others chime in with their laughters and their whoops; the local audiences throng more and more out of curiosity; two big cases of beer left one fourth; as a result, GM Comes On Vacation choruses with en masse, with gesture language, Swing Low of Hash nation. Then majority pitches into sumptuous supper at 7 PM or so.