Red Eye

Redeye ?unexpected and unexplained stellar flash echoes 20,000 light years from Earth in the constellation Monoceros (the Unicorn), temporarily becoming the brightest star in the Milky Way galaxy.

Clear open sky and crisp dry air and sunbright broiling land, palpable somatosensory system says, the alfresco daytime must be above 40 degrees, still, about 40 go-go-go hashers in the natural course of events rendezvous in the afternoon of day of rest. Banana Hammock as hare first distributes salutary banana to each hasher. To prevent from the heatstroke is supposed to drink more water. After the interpretation of marks by hare and the pray for blessing by GM, the most of hashers as runner are like unbitted bronco to run away for.

First matrix of hashers is fashioned by Twinkle Balls, Chewkacca, Chippendales, Doggie Fondu,etc, cutting through the obscure alleys and stinky ditchwater even when having the edifice complex in the downtown, baking-hot sunbeam catalyzes the sweat cascading; Thoughtful hares settled down the first beer stop to a shady living community with providing iced drinkings in order to slake the hashers’s thirst, and set three beer stops on the trail, some hashers emerge out of blue, e.g. Dazed&Confused and CumShot pedalling their respective bicycles replacing their different injured ankles, how congenial! All at once, a whiffle of breeze blowing over brings forth a shred of desirable cool, as is veritable summer days.

Benz Over as another hare prompts prunes and prism the way out at “Open Check!” “Two Ways!” whilst the bulk of hashers had lost the way, like the clappers, sweeping through a pocket park where slumberous lake and dainty small bridge seem not to kick the beam for the weariness from over-sunshine. B*tch Be Cool, Red Snatcher, Creamy Lips and some trot out to back off apparently; When threading through a frutescent bypath on the moat bank, the puppy tugs Horny On Top in a slashing manner to overtake others, oops! by reason of the puppy running ahead too fast, the pulling power drops the tether controller out of hand of Horny On Top; along the streets and streets, a corner small store as second beer stop rises to view of hashers and Pickle Boy, Twinkle Balls and Banana Hammock had started their bare-to-the-waist scud that seems streaking on the beach in their mirage, feel more cool and faster; None of the people on the road don’t look at us stunningly, some murmur, “running in such a weather?! Fine as anything!” looking up the azure sky that an astronomic sheet of blossoming figured and equidistant small clouds are like a flock of snow-white sheeps to budge vividly, what a spectacle! And yet so hot, though.

On top of it, the hashers following the marks by degrees catch sight of a stretch of the railway and thereat a row of abodes wherewith bearing evidence of the dwellers, are seated nigh the railway, just away 2m somewhere around flank, hardly image how can live by if the train would have chugged pass with rumbling noise often and often. Any living community where the hashers go through, where the divers chaps and damsels in Sunday clothes with necktie always spread the table and peddle the flourishing inundant property industry, irrespective of the sales and lease willy-nilly. It’s thus clear that the property business remains much more hotter than Great Heat of summer, don’t the people suffer from the property heatstroke? Not yet! Because the gambler and the ruler are bargaining the public trust for volatile external power based on that is devoid of internal power; Third beer stop was arranged at a curbside store is spot on for a wheeze of hashers in a whole journey of 11.38K tested by GPS. Banana Hammock helps On Your Knees lower temperature by sprinkling some cold water on her, then, inducing her screaming; Two little Bananas as co-hares waltz off with aplomb as well.

Traversing a foot bridge and crossing through 2 blocks, and then switch back the assembling point, a local kebab restaurant, the Hash walkers have taken a rest there for awhile. Waiting For It is in the process of recovery from her injured foot by showing her joining the walking group; Asshole Sucker still glibly exchanges with the people in multi-language such as English, Chinese, Spain or more; Bjorn Again again holds his own draft beer glass that implies he wanna drink more; Knob In Hood wears a lily-white pot hat with a underbrim of black silk ribbon that foils him gent and elegant; Skinhead bulges a beer gut as if having a bun in the oven; Pretty Woman left on the quiet with his love.

GM Comes On Vacation playing her part with all her heart establishes the circle ritual behind the building, quiet hideaway; To begin with, a matter of course is to thank the hares to serve the hashers a wonderful instint by birling together a lap on a lap. Then RA Dazed&Confused itemizes salient anecdotes with confusion between the award and punishment by using his cock chichen to lush the personae; Pickle Boy capped a headgear as Beer B*tch is immersed in cracking the bottles of bottles of beer for keeping abreast of the drinking speed of the hashers; Smack-dab! Dry Hole with satchel on his back navigates his cycles to come from nowhere, starts the ball rolling by his rare opera edition of Hash song; Dear Heart, who brings in his well-formed teenagers who appear to be a pigeon pair by the cut of their jib, should be lucky man bestowed benediction from the Holy One albeit the nicotine transgressing all of them by smoking; Drinking up, cheering up, cackling, giggling, singing and yelling, one falls another rises, what three small cases of beer is gone indicates to round it off, before less than twenty hashers’d indulge in the toothy tack, GM Comes On Vacation leads each hasher to chorus Swing Low along with body language as introit.

P.S. the following day, I got an email from Banana Hammock that showed: he lost his a grey wallet with some money and bank card, it’s an easy bag (Givenchy) with a bright zipper, in the HHH restaurant in the Sunday evening. Since I saw this news, I really feel sorry about it. I didn’t watch it by that time. Hopefully every hasher is able to help to find it out, even a trace of clue. Before it happened upon me too, but it’s only small stuff. I ignored it.

My sum-up is that I never go to Hash with too much cash and valuable article of mine, in fact, wherever I go, it’s same way, and keep sharp anytime. Our respectable Banana Hammock’s things however must be important to him and his family. Perhapes it’s just some hasher else picked and moved wrongly and unintentionally. Of course, we are hashers getting together for common ground for years, especially long-standing ones. There have been a kind of trust among us. This sense is like a big happy family, I am leastwise, enjoy the merriment, even agony (generally with friends and the understandable); share weal and woe. Yours !