Sparkling Wormhole

Though wormholes have never been proven to exist, these theoretical passageways through space-time are predicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Erratic marks on the trail were as being twisted the psychokinesis as directionless life. Once riding on the right track on one’s plate, plugging away at it as the hashers do patiently and gleefully. Where on earth was the mark in the world line of four-dimensional space-time? What artful hares like Benz Over and Red Snatcher well-designed had practically approximated to the true-to-life matrix. Then, GM Comes On Vacation steered the sweet chariot coming for to carry hashers home by way of Swing Low in the musical notes of teleportation. Sure did, this scene occurred in the concentric circle after the hashers had slogged their way through Hash Trash overhead Cherenkov radiation of azure sky.

 Dissimilarly, confounded with the reason for groping the mark or eschewing the sunblind, Life of Pee, Chewkacca and Pickle Boy in different tableau vivant plunged into the canal river that was clean plausibly, as if three muons attempted to zap into a wormhole by colliding exotic matters.  In advance of doing it, the mark was few and far between and chosen diverse places over erstwhile convention, e.g. in the same access, on the pole at times, on the ground at times, on the rail at times, deep and shallow, in particular such a long distance between two marks and at times, utterly no sign at some forks with Open Check and Three Ways. By guess and by god was one and only option misled the ways losing count of, bustling and hustling hives such as curio flea market, even well-known park cuddled the scurrying statures of hashers. The folks at a leisure pace observed moving array of hashsers, stubbon hashers kept forward quite far without any mark, as a consequence of losing their way, i.e. Just Sissi vanished bafflingly like chondrite.

Two beer stops on the roadside were proved up to the hilt to be appropriate and look upon it as a leg up, don’t fall by the wayside. Staggering bobs and heifer calf didn’t take their run lying down, such as Just Tom and Just Laura, etc, who can apprehend at what interchange their speed ratches up and their time slows down correspondingly. Placenta loped headlong jerkily, it seems, but still cannot gauge the apparition of tachyons—awaiting the things being equal to or greater than the speed of light at 300,000kms/sec. Fire In The Hole viewed a mirror to seek a beauty for a path to the truth. GM Pretty Woman as usual itemized the titbit in the circle with cold beer that recounted: electromagnetic field is energy field; gravitational field is mass field. Bjorn Again wore one big rubber boxing glove pasting a trademark of Der Backer bread as his jigger revealing the time travel forward the future and backward the past in the event of super velocity of light. Other hashers with Zeigarnik Effect were figuring: an universal string that has a tensile force of one hundred million billion billion tons would be tied up the earth, which can speed up to 2,899kms/h, they were Bearded Clam, Banana Hammock, Dragon Lady, Undulator, Little Red Shiting Hood, Knob In Hood, Ferrari, On Your Knees, Just Assja and newcomers. The half of more than forty hashers chewed up the local food for margin of energy.

Regular Hash scientific activities enhance the hypophyse and hyper-activeness, constantly strengthen the telepathy and telekinesis. The awareness and consciousness, videlicet spirit, are simple energy matrix and the super level can connect conscious spirit and substance. The peculiar field of melting the copper gravely influences the global weather. Even coming close to the goal of antigravity: going beyond the soi-disant plus-minus polarized forces, in the innate laws of things, there’s nothing but monistic super-force on the distinctive level or gradation, please retaining them in wiggle room.