So-called ‘superfoods’ — such as spinach, beans, sweet potatoes, salmon, fruits, nuts, whole grains and berries — are said to be rich in nutrients.

H igh place was where the telltale signs perched.
A djusted the steps out of wrong trail oftentimes.
S tunned the locals by sporty lineup rain or shine.
H omothetic pursuers smiled in place of gash word.

T raversed the ups and downs for breakthrough and up.
R edeemer never reveals the way out to the abandoner.
A pathetic earthliness chucked the hotness to Pluto.
S ubdued affection had been stuck in the vagus nerve.
H ashers shed light on the illumination from inside.

Bright Spot?Chippendale formed his own style, e.g. skateboarding run, loudest call for marks not only, more positive-drinker with risible motion; his imitator Life of Pee was thrilled to wave his hands towards the hashers and jumped out of his skin, yelling and kicking whilst stumbled across elusive marks; newcomers Gay Watch showed his professional song in antiphonal fashion in the circle and Willy Warm beamed her magnetic smile most and end; Just Tom still run faster; Knob In Hood made a big clamor in high glee while one third of warkers he led reached the first beer stop with the runners in syn; vicarious GM Dry Hole’s Hash songs in opera edition propelled the circled hashers in place; RA Dazed and Confused (turned up at the second beer shop) as per formality corrected weird acts of hashers in the circle; Pickle Boy teamed up with Chewkacca to work on Beer B*tch for the hashers.

Weather: White Dew-starting to change cold, pollution-free, still great abundance of sunshine.

Trail Condition: No trash, densely populated alleys and quiet side road of the canal in downtown.

Whole Course: 7kms or so.

Attendee: nearly 40 hashers in total. futhermore, Dog Pounder, Bearded Clam, Banana Hammock, Dragon Lady, Undulator, Fire In The Hole, Red Snatcher, B*tch Be Cool, Nut Pirate, On Your Knees (disappeared in the circle), Just Snow, Just Sundy, Just Assja, Just Oli, Just Xiaoli and virgins, Latecomers at the second beer stop like Twinkle Balls and Cum Shot.

Restaurant: 12 hashers consumed good local food, inhospitable proprietor.

Diet Tips: Increased coffee consumption linked with reduced risk of prostate cancer progression and recurrence. 6 foods that are good for your brain: walnuts, carrots, berries, fish, coffee and tea, spinach.